7 Possible Reasons Why Does Cats Lay On Your Chest

7 Possible Reasons Why Does Cats Lay On Your Chest

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As a cat owner, you know that nothing beats the moment when your cat decides to snuggle and lay on your chest. It is a pure act of love and the greatest compliment you, as an owner, can receive from your cat.

This act is nothing concerning, and it will indicate only good things. If you have wondered: "why do cats lay on your chest?" don't be surprised when you discover a few possible reasons. We all know that cats can be fearsome predators in the wild, but now, your cat will show her soft side and completely be relaxed.

Here are the reasons why your cat can decide to lie on your chest

1. Your cat loves you

The first and the most obvious reason your cat could lay on your chest is because she loves you. With this act, they will let you know that they approve of you and like you as a parent. Usually, this act will be followed by gently purring.

If you may wonder, your cat could lay on different parts of your body to let you know she loves you. It is not uncommon for your cat to lay on your feet, legs, or lap to show you affection.

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2. You are warm

More than anything, cats love warm places. You might catch your cat snuggling near you or near the fireplace during colder days. If your cat likes to lay on your chest (especially during cold days), it could be that she seeks warmth.

Since your cat loves you and knows that your body will provide proper warmth for her, she will gladly snuggle on your chest and spend time with you.

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3. They like to listen to your heartbeat

We all know that kittens will snuggle near their mothers, and they feel most comfortable and safe in this position. The reason is that they hear a mother's heartbeat, which provides a calming atmosphere for them.

So if your cat likes to sleep on your chest, your heartbeat is making her comfortable. This can be accompanied by purring, and we all know that cats' purring has a therapeutic effect on our health.

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4. Your cat is seeking security

This one is closely connected to love. When your cat loves you, she will feel completely safe near you and will not be concerned about bad things happening to her. If your cat starts to lay on your chest, it could be because she is searching for security and knows that you will provide proper protection.

When she is near you, she can completely relax and be vulnerable and will know that she has nothing to worry about as long as she stays on your chest.

5. Marking territory

We all know that cats are territorial animals, and they will mark what they think is theirs. The same things can apply if your cat likes to lay on your chest. Maybe your cat wants to mark you as theirs to let everyone know.

If you wonder how exactly they mark you while they lay on you – the answer is feline pheromones. This is a chemical that only cats can recognize, and by releasing them, your cat will mark "her" territory.

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6. Hormonal changes

Do you own a female cat, and she started to show this behavior? Well, maybe she is experiencing some hormonal changes, which is why she started to lay on your chest. This is especially true if your cat is not sterilized. She may experience different hormone changes, and reactions from your cat can differ from other cats.

Every cat is unique, and not all will show the same behavior. That said if you catch your cat starting to lay on your chest out of the blue, check her for hormonal changes.

7. Your cat is stressed

Although this is not such a common situation, it could certainly happen. Like humans, cats could also experience stress or anxiety in their own way, and they know that you can provide proper comfort.

So if you think something is bothering your cat and she starts to exhibit this behavior, stress could be the main reason.

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Should I forbid my cat to lie on my chest?

When a cat lays on your chest, most owners will confirm that it is the best feeling in the world, and you might be thinking, why should I stop it, right? This is completely true, and recent studies have confirmed that snuggling and sleeping with your cat can benefit both your cat and you.

Simply allowing it to lay on your chest shouldn’t bring any problems, but if you decide to let your cat sleep on your chest, you must consider some things first.

If you suffer from allergies and allow your cat to sleep on you, you could have a few health problems. If you own an outdoor cat, she could easily bring dirt and other things you don't want to find in your bed.

The last reason against allowing your cat to sleep on you is because she could disrupt your sleep.

That said, if you only allow your cat to lay (or possibly sleep) on you for a shorter period, there is no reason you should forbid this from happening.

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