4 Most Common Reasons Why Cats Snore

4 Most Common Reasons Why Cats Snore

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So recently, your cat started snoring, and you ended up here. Cat snoring is a normal thing that all cats can exhibit in their life. As a cat parent, it is important that you understand when cat snoring is normal and when it can show some health problems that are bothering your cat.

To help you better understand cat snoring and what could be the main reasons your cat does it, we bring you the four most common reasons. Let's start.

1. Brachycephalic cat breeds

Some cats breed have the predisposition to start snoring. Cat breeds known as brachycephalic have short bones in their face, making them more prone to snoring. These cat breeds also have some other differences in anatomy on their head and airways that can cause snoring.

Brachycephalic cat breeds prone to snoring

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2. Certain sleep position

Snoring for some humans can occur in specific sleep positions. The same thing applies to our cat. As you may already know, cats can sleep in many different and weird positions, and some of them may cause snoring in your cat.

If this is the case for your cat, the snoring should stop when your cat changes her sleep position.

3. Medical problem

Snoring in cats can also appear as a reaction to some health problems that can occur in your cat. Health problems such as respiratory infections, nasal inflammation, and asthma can often cause snoring. This problem will usually be followed by other symptoms your cat could exhibit.

Other symptoms your cat could show include

  • Discharge from eyes
  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Loss of appetite
  • Decreased activity levels

So if you think your cat has respiratory problems and, besides snoring, she is experiencing some other symptoms mentioned above, you should contact your vet and schedule a meeting.

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4. Foreign object

In some rare cases, foreign objects could cause snoring in cats. Foreign objects such as grass could be stuck in your cat's nose, thus causing snoring. Resolving this problem is pretty simple; you have to remove foreign objects from your cat's nose.

When to be concerned about cat snoring?

As we mentioned earlier, most cats will snore at some moment in their life and cat snoring is nothing to be concerned about. If your cat regularly snores, your cat is perfectly fine. Only in the case that your cat started snoring out of the blue, and you cannot find what could be a possible reason, then you should be concerned and contact your vet.

Always watch for any other symptoms that can show that something is bothering your cat. These don't have to be discharge, coughing, and sneezing but also changes in behavior, loss of appetite, or general disinterest.

In these situations, medical problems could be the main reason for snoring, and to be able to stop your cat from snoring, you will have to take care of a medical problem. Your vet will help you in this process.

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What is the treatment for cat snoring?

The right treatment will depend on the main cause. A large group of cat owners has reported that changes in diet and increased exercise help with their cat snoring.

In humans, losing weight can help a lot with sleeping patterns and snoring. The same thing applies to our cats. Ask your vet what you can do with your cat's diet to help remove snoring from her life. Make sure your cat gets well-balanced food from whom she will get all the nutrients she needs in a day.

The second thing you can do is to provide your cat with proper exercise during the day. Providing the cat with proper mental and physical exercise can help do wonders for your cat's general health and, of course, help with snoring.

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What to do if cat snoring disrupts your sleep?

The first and main thing you have to do is rule out medical problems. If no medical problem is bothering your cat, you can try and use the tips we mentioned above. Until these tricks start to work, there is not much you can do rather than sleep in a different room than your cat.


Cat snoring is normal in cats' lives, and you have nothing to worry about in most cases. If your cat does it from time to time, there is no reason why you should try to remove snoring from your cat's life. If a medical problem is bothering your cat, you shouldn't postpone going to the vet. The faster your cat receives proper medical help, the greater are the chances she will recover without consequences.

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