6 Reasons Why Does Cats Sleep On Owners

6 Reasons Why Does Cats Sleep On Owners

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It is widely known that cats like to sleep… a lot. Most cats sleep on average 15 hours a day. Some cats can even sleep up to 20 hours a day. We can agree that this is a lot, considering that the day only lasts 24 hours. Cats can choose their favorite places to sleep, including a bed, couch, on the window, and sometimes on you. If your cat tends to sleep on you, you might wonder: "why does my cat sleep on me?". We bring you the 6 most common reasons why cats do it.

1. You are warm

It is a known fact that cats like warm places, especially during winter. If your cat often sleeps on your during winter, the main reason could be because you are warm. Your body will be warmer than other places in your house, and your cat will gladly lay on your chest, lap, or even your face. A warm place will provide your cat with better sleep.

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2. Bonding

Many people think cats don't have feelings, but they are adorable animals. Don't be surprised if your cat sleeps on your because she wants to bond. This is one of their way of showing love and affection. This is mainly likened to cats' behavior in the wild, where cats would huddle together and sleep together on top of each other.

3. Marking territory

Cats are known as territorial animals; if your cat likes to sleep on you, maybe she is marking her territory. Don't consider this bad behavior; on the contrary, you can be glad that your cat does it because she considers you part of her group.

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4. Looking for security

In the wild, cats would hunt, and when it would be time for sleep, they would need to find some quiet place to feel secure. This same applies if your cat sleeps with you, the cat considers you as a safe place where she can take a rest without worrying that something terrible will happen. You can also take this as a compliment because cats are vulnerable, and if they sleep on you because they want protection, they fully trust you.

5. Social sleeping

At a young age, kittens snuggle near their mother and sleep with their brothers and sisters. Cats are social sleepers, which could also be why your cat likes to sleep on you. Maybe she wants to hear your heartbeat and breathing because it provides a calm atmosphere for your cat.

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6. Hormones

Dogs release oxytocin hormone (hormone for happiness) when interacting and sleeping with their owners, and the same may apply to cats. If your cat likes to sleep on your, maybe she feels much happier because of the oxytocin hormone.

Why does my kitten sleep on me?

Kittens often curl near their mother when it’s time for sleep, which is why your kitten likes to sleep on you. Kitten will feel safe and warm, and you can be a great and cozy place to sleep. They are still exploring the world around them and will consider you a safe haven.

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Should you allow your cat to sleep on you?

If your cat likes to sleep on you, there is no reason why you would stop this behavior, of course, if your cat doesn't bother you. This is normal cat behavior, and you have nothing to worry about. Most reasons your cat does it are because they love you and feel secure near you. They will try to spend most of their time near you and sit and lie in your lap every chance they get.

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Is it normal for a cat to sleep that much?

Cats like to sleep a lot, and it is entirely normal. In the wild, cats are most active at dusk and dawn, spending most of their day sleeping or napping. If your cat sleeps most of her day, you have nothing to worry about.


It is not uncommon for you to notice your cat sleeping on you. If your cat does it, you have nothing to worry about. It is an entirely normal cat behavior; it only means your cat loves you. There is no reason why you would need to stop your cat from doing it. We suggest that you make yourself comfortable and enjoy time with your cat.

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