9 Most Common Reasons Why Cats Meow

9 Most Common Reasons Why Cats Meow

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Meowing is the most common sound you can hear from cats, but did you know there are different types of meowing? This is one way for a cat to communicate with you, other animals, and the world, and depending on the situation, your cat could start to meow to express different feelings.

In most cases, meowing will be directed toward humans since they will use this sound to communicate with us. Adult cats don’t have the tendency to meow at other cats. As a cat owner, you will have to understand what your cat is trying to communicate because meowing will not always indicate some good things, and by meowing, your cat will try to let you know that she is not feeling so good.

To better help you understand meowing and all the possible reasons behind this sound, we listed the 9 most common reasons why cats meow.

1. Saying hello

The first and most obvious reason why your cat could start to meow is to greet you. This will happen when you come back home from your job. This is the cat’s way of saying: "Hello, I’m glad you came back.” Besides meowing, your cat could walk around you and even rub against you.

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2. Seeking attention

Cats are capable of being social animals, and they will thrive on your attention. That said, if you don’t pay much attention to your cat and you hear a loud meow, it could be that your cat is trying to get your attention.

Usually, cats can meow until they get what they want; in this case, your cat could want petting or even for you to play with her.

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3. Happiness

Sometimes, your cat could start meowing simply because she is feeling happy. There could be a variety of reasons why your cat is feeling happy, and you should take this as a compliment. By meowing, your cat will try to tell you that she approves of you and that she is enjoying her life.

4. Talking

Certain cat breeds are more vocal and talkative than others, and if you own one of them, don’t be surprised if your cat is meowing all the time. It is their way of talking. These cats will meow and, by meowing, communicate with everybody around them.

Is it a completely normal behavior from them, so if you own a talkative cat bred, you will have to live with it.

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5. Asking for food

Cats rely on their owners to provide food for them, and if you notice your cat near her food bowl followed by meowing, this will indicate that your cat is hungry. You will have to find the optimal feeding schedule for your cat since you do not want to overfeed her because this could quickly lead to health problems, including obesity.

If you are unsure what food your cat should have daily, we advise you to speak with your vet, and he will gladly help you.

6. Boredom

Meowing because of boredom is mostly connected to indoor cats that don’t receive the proper amount of daily activities. If you own an indoor cat, you will have to provide her with some interactive toys, cat trees, or wheels to keep her occupied.

If your cat has some occupation, especially when you are not home, you can be sure that she will not become bored, and you will not hear boredom meowing.

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7. Health problem

Most cats will not show signs of injuries and will want to hide they are in pain. However, if some serious problem is bothering your cat, she will try to ask for help with meowing. Cats cannot go to the vet alone and will need your help.

If you think your cat is injured, schedule a meeting with your vet. If you are an experienced cat owner, you can carefully examine your cat to understand what exactly is causing her pain. If you are unsure how to do it, leave it to your vet so you don’t create more problems for your cat.

8. Stress or anxiety

More and more domesticated cats have a problem with stress and anxiety. There could be many reasons behind this health problem, and you will have to understand what triggers your cat to help her.

Talk to your vet, and together you can find a solution for her. Cats will mostly meow because of stress or anxiety if something has changed in your cat life. Cats love their routine, and she could be stressed or anxious whenever that routine is disrupted.

9. Aging

As the cats get older, they will become more and more vocal. A lot of things will change in their bodies, and if you own a senior cat and notice constant meowing, aging is the main reason behind it.

Are certain cat breeds meow more frequently?

Yes, certain cat breeds are more vocal and can meow more frequently. This is how they express their feeling and communicate with the world. If you own some of these cat breeds, this should surprise you as this is an inherited thing they do.

Some of the most talkative cat breeds are

  • Siamese
  • Maine Coon
  • Burmese
  • Japanese Bobtail
  • Siberian
  • Turkish Angora

Creating various sounds as a form of communication for these cats is perfectly normal, and you will have to learn to live with it.

What to do if your cat will not stop meowing?

In most cases, cats occasionally meow, usually when they want something or are trying to communicate something. If you notice your cat meowing constantly, this could indicate that something is bothering your cat, and you will have to find a reason behind it.

Constant meowing could indicate that your cat is hurt, bored, or hungry. As a cat owner, you should be most concerned for your cat’s health, and if some health problem is bothering her, you should call your vet and try to figure out what is bothering her.

With enough patience and help from your vet, you will be able to help your cat, and this contact meowing should stop.

If you think that some behavior problem is bothering your cat, and you cannot find a reason, you can talk to or hire a professional expert to help you and your cat with this problem.

Should you stop your cat from meowing?

Meowing is a form of communication for all cats, and there is no reason why you should take that away from them. If your cat is constantly meowing, the best thing you should do is to find a reason behind it. After you realize what exactly triggers your cat to meow, you can understand how to help her.

With meowing, your cat will communicate with you, and this will allow you to understand what your cat is feeling.

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