5 Main Reasons Why Do Cats Hiss & How To Stop It?

5 Main Reasons Why Do Cats Hiss & How To Stop It?

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The cat will use different sounds to tell us how they feel. As a cat owner, you have most probably witnessed your cat hissing. But why do cats make this strange noise? Many cat owners compare cat hissing with the sound that snakes make. Although hissing could bother some cat owners, this sound has its purpose.

Many cat owners will tell you that hissing indicates the cat is annoyed, but this isn't always true. Let's look at why you can hear your cat hissing.

Why do cats hiss?

The most important thing you will have to understand is that cat hissing is completely normal cat behavior. Cats can hiss for the majority of reasons, and to understand exactly why your cat started to hiss, you will have to look at her body language and surroundings.

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Cats will use hissing sounds to communicate with you, other cats, and other animals. You must understand in what situation your cat is asking for your help. Let's look at the 5 most common reasons why your cat could start hissing.

1. Warning

The first and most common reason why hissing will occur is that your cat will try to send a warning. This could be indicated to other cats, dogs, or even people. By hissing, cats will tell the "enemy" to back up since they will always avoid conflict. However, if your cat finds herself often in cat fights, you will have to learn how to stop it.

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2. Pain

Most cat owners know that cats are excellent at hiding pain when hurt. However, there could be times when your cat will start hissing as a sign of pain. If you touch your cat in the area where the pain occurs, she could start hissing. Also, your cat could hiss at you if you try to approach her while she is in pain.

3. They are annoyed

We all know cats are independent animals and don't always require attention and company to be happy. If you want to hang out with your cat, and she doesn't feel like it, don't be surprised if she starts to hiss. By hissing at that moment, your cat will indicate that you are annoying her and that you should leave her alone.

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4. Stress

Cats can feel stressed and anxious too. If something has changed in your cat's routine, maybe she is under stress, and the result will be hissing. This problem will require proper care from your side to remove stress from your cat's life. If unsure what is bothering your cat, you can ask your vet for advice.

5. Playing

If cat hissing occurs during playtime, the main reason is that one of the cats is playing too rough. When certain cats start to play roughly with another cat, a clear indication of that will be hissing. With hissing, the cat will try to stop this rough play.

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Cat hissing at me – what should I do?

In most cases, your cat will hiss at you because she is annoyed or in pain. To determine the main reason, you must learn to read the cat's body language and the environment in which hissing occurred.

If your cat started hissing while you tried to play with her or even pick her up, the most common reason is that you are annoying your cat, and she wants some alone time.

If your cat doesn't allow you to come near, or she starts to hiss while you touch her, she is probably in pain.

It's pretty simple what you should do in these situations – if your cat is annoyed, you should provide her with some alone time. The best thing you can do is provide your cat with space where she can go when she doesn't want company.

If your cat is in pain, you will have to contact your vet, who will help you find the main problem causing the pain in your cat. Treatment will be decided after your vet determines the main cause.

Why does my cat hiss to another cat?

A cat hissing at another cat means nothing more than a warning sign. This usually occurs when you try to introduce an older cat to a younger one, and hissing indicates that the older cat is in charge. Cats are very territorial animals; if you bring some new cats into your cat's territory, you can expect hissing from her.

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What to do if my cat starts to hiss?

Cat hissing is normal behavior that can occur. That said, you should never punish your cat for hissing. Rather you should provide her with time to calm down. Hissing will usually occur before things escalate, and this will be the last warning sign before that cat makes a move.

Step back and give your cat a chance to calm down. In most cases, this trick will work, and things will not escalate.

How to stop my cat from hissing?

To stop the cat from hissing, you must first find the main reason why the hissing is happening. After you indicate what is causing hissing, you can start preventing this behavior. To understand why your cat is hissing, you must pay closer attention to her.

  1. If your cat is annoyed, you should provide her with some alone time and don't bother her.
  2. If she is in pain, you should take her to the vet and provide her with proper care.
  3. To relieve cats from stress and anxiety, calming treats can help
  4. If your cat is hissing at another animal, you must ensure that things don't escalate.

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