7 Main Reasons Why Is Your Cat Peeing On Your Bed

7 Main Reasons Why Is Your Cat Peeing On Your Bed

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As a cat parent, there may be times when you will catch your cat doing some strange things. Peeing on the bed is one of them. Most of us instantly think this happens because our cat is mad at us, but in reality, there are a few different reasons why your cat could start peeing on your bed.

We talked to our in-house veterinarian, who explained the most common reasons why your cat could start peeing outside of the litter box and your bed. Some of them could surprise you.

1. Medical problem

You will first have to figure out whether your cat started peeing because of some medical problem. In most cases, this is the main reason. Your cat could have difficulty controlling the bladder, and naturally, she will pee on forbidden things, such as your bed.

Medical problems that can cause this problem

If you think your cat has some underlying health problem, you should seek vet help to properly cure your cat. This health problem cannot be treated at home and will require vets' attention.

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2. Boredom

Although this isn't the most common reason for such behavior, it can certainly happen. If your cat is mainly an indoor cat and doesn't receive enough stimulation, she could become bored, and as a result, she could start peeing everywhere in the house, including your bed.

You must provide your cat with proper stimulation to solve this problem. Think about getting a cat wheel or cat tree to give her some opportunity to do fun activities in the house.

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3. Routine changes

Cats like their routines and the things they are. Any changes to their routine could result in your cat peeing in your bed. Did you recently move to a new place? Did you change the location of the litter box? Did your routine change? This could all affect your cat, and she can, as a result, show this behavior. Cats need their routine to be completely satisfied.

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4. Wrong litter box location

When doing their business, cats like a quiet atmosphere. So if their litter box is near some noisy things, your cat could dislike the litter box's location. If this is the case with your cat, try moving the litter box to a more calmer and quieter atmosphere where she could have her peace while doing her business.

5. Not enough litter boxes

Not all cats can use only one litter box. Some cats will like to pee in one litter box, while they will poop in the other. So if you have only one litter box, this could be why your cat started peeing in your bed.

If you live in a multi-cat household, you must provide even more litter boxes in different places. It is a known fact that many cats don't like to share their litter box, so they could start peeing anywhere else, including your bed.

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6. Wrong litter in the litter box

In some rare cases, we notice this behavior was due to the wrong litter box. Maybe your cat doesn't like the litter box you bought for her, so to solve this problem, you will have to find the one that suits your cat best.

Also, litter in the litter box could be a reason for your cat peeing in your bed. Make sure that the litter you chose for your cat doesn't trap odors and that they can move properly inside the litter box.

7. Jealousy

Did you bring someone new to the household? A new cat, dog, or even a baby could trigger your cat to exhibit this behavior. Your cat could become jealous since she realizes that she will not get all the attention anymore, and she can start peeing on your bed to show you her displeasure.

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How to stop this behavior?

You can do a few things to remove this bad habit from your cat's life. First, you will have to eliminate the medical reason for such behavior. Because if a medical problem is bothering your cat, your vet will help you to cure your cat, and with that, peeing in the bed will also disappear.

If a medical problem is not the reason why your cat does it, here are a few tips you can try to eliminate peeing in the bed.

  1. Move the cat's litter box to a calmer room
  2. Find the right type of litter for your cat
  3. Keep the litter box clean
  4. Thoroughly clean the area where your cat previously peed
  5. Provide your cat with proper stimulation
  6. Encourage your cat to use her litter box with positive reinforcements (such as treats and praises)
  7. Always be patient

If you try these tips, most cats will stop bed peeing, and you will no longer have to deal with this problem. In case you tried everything, and your cat still does it, we advise you to seek professional help that can better help you understand your cat's needs and the main reasons why your cat is showing this behavior.

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