4 Reasons Why Cats Knock Things Over & How To Stop It

4 Reasons Why Cats Knock Things Over & How To Stop It

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Cats show different and sometimes strange behavior that cat owners don't always know what they mean. Knocking things over is one of those behaviors that many cat owners don't understand why cats do it. Most cat owners will witness their cats knocking things over once in their lifetime. But why do cats like to do that? Is it just fun for them, or is something bothering your cat? Let's find out.

Why do cats knock things over?

Cats are independent animals and have their own ways of doing things. If your cat starts knocking things over, you will probably wonder why this is happening and whether or not you should stop this behavior. There are a few possible reasons why your cat could start knocking things over; luckily, none of them indicate health problems.

However, for some of them, you must take action and provide your cat with the proper approach. Here are the 4 reasons why cats like to knock things over.

1. It's fun for them

The first and most obvious reason why your cat could start knock things is because it is fun for them. They like to watch things fall and will gladly walk around the house throwing things off the counter. Cats are curious creatures who like to explore and knock over different things to watch how they will react after falling to the ground.

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2. Boredom

How much time do you devote to your cat's mental and physical exercise? If the answer is not enough and your cat is throwing things over, she could be bored and want to find a fun activity to do. Although many cat owners don't realize this, cats will need proper stimulation, or they will become bored.

If your cat becomes bored, you can expect some behavior changes in her life, and you will have to fix them. If your cat starts to throw things out because of boredom, you must provide your cat with the proper amount of daily activities to keep her occupied and satisfied.

3. Natural instincts

Cats are hunters, and there aren't things that they will like more than hunting smaller animals. Now you most probably think, but what does this have to do with my cat throwing things over? Some cats could exhibit this behavior because of their natural instinct to watch and stalk prey. They would want to see how it will react after they knock it over.

Again, they love to experience the world around them and watch for different reactions.

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4. Seeking attention

Do you remember the first time your cat knock something over? Most probably, you came running and screaming at your cat. Well, your cat has remembered that knocking things will get your reaction, and you will come to her.

So, maybe your cat started to throw things to make an interaction with you. She could demand to spend more time with you, and she knows that by throwing things, you will come and interact with her.

Should you stop this behavior?

In most cases, this is inherited behavior in cats, and you have only a slight chance of forbidding this behavior. Rather you will have to find a way to reduce the possibility of your cat knocking things over. Although this is not dangerous behavior for your cat, you don't want your cat to break your things every day. It is nothing fun in that.

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How to reduce the possibility of your cat knocking things over?

If you are devoted to removing the possibility of your cat knocking things over, you can do a few things. These are the proven methods from cat owners that seems to work on the majority of cats. So, if you want to stop your cat from throwing things over, here is what you must do.

1. Provide your cat with proper stimulation

You will have to provide her with proper stimulation to remove this behavior from your cat's life. Cats like to be active and play various games. If you are not at home during the day, make sure that you leave some interactive toys for your cat to play with.

Also, make sure that you use the time when you are together to give your cat proper mental and physical stimulation. You can be sure your cat will not show this behavior anymore.

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2. Remove the temptation

The second step is removing objects your cat wants to knock over. If there is nothing to knock over, your cat cannot show this behavior. It is that simple. Walk over your house and find all the potential items that your cat could see as interesting to knock over and remove them temporarily until you completely remove this behavior from your cat's life.

3. Keep your cat on a regular schedule

To make your cat happy and satisfied, you must provide her with a regular schedule. That means that you will have to provide her with meals at the time she likes, clean her litter boxes, and allow your cat to roam around. If something is missing, your cat could start to throw things over.

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