3 Main Reason Why Is My Cat Peeing Everywhere

3 Main Reason Why Is My Cat Peeing Everywhere

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Even if your cat knows how to use a litter box, there could be a situation where your cat will urinate outside their litter box. Feline inappropriate urination is a common problem for many cats, and there are a few possible reasons. As a cat owner, you should be able to figure out why this behavior started to happen to help your cat. Below you can find an answer to the question: "why is my cat peeing everywhere?”

Why is my cat pee everywhere?

Before trying to help your cat, you need to find out why your cat stopped using her litter box. In general, if your cat is peeing outside the litter box, there could be 4 main reasons. Let’s check them out.

1. Medical condition

The first step you should take if your cat starts to pee outside the litter box is to consult with your vet. In most cases, some medical problems will be the cause of why your cat does it. The vet can perform a physical exam to determine what is bothering your cat. After that, they can recommend the proper treatment for your cat.

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Some of the problems your cat can experience are:

  • Bladder stones
  • Kidney issues
  • Diabetes
  • Metabolic issues
  • Bladder infection
  • UTI or urinary tract infection

If your cat is diagnosed with one of these conditions, the good news is that after treatment and the proper medication, your cat can resume her everyday life, and the cat will no longer pee everywhere. Urinary problems in cats (especially males) are serious, and you shouldn’t postpone your visit to the vet. The sooner you bring your cat for an examination, the sooner your cat will be healed.

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2. Stress and separation anxiety

If your cat is constantly peeing outside the litter box, maybe she’s trying to tell you that she is stressed. Maybe something in their usual routine changed. Perhaps you have brought a new cat into the household. Your cat could urinate in the house to mark their territory and let other cats know who is in charge. Or maybe your cat is too scared to use the litter box when the other cat is around.

Cats are sensitive creatures and can react even to the slightest changes in their life and environment. If you have a stressed cat, your vet can help you with advice.

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If your cat is peeing outside the litter box when you are not home, maybe your cat is suffering from separation anxiety. This is a severe problem that needs to be addressed and corrected. Your cat doesn’t do it on purpose but instead because they are too scared to be alone or, in some cases, afraid. In this situation, a cat behaviorist can help you with steps you can do to calm your cat and stop this behavior.

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3. Litter box problems

The last reason on this list, but undoubtedly significant, is litter box problems. If nothing above seems to solve the problem with your cat peeing outside of the litter box maybe the main problem is – the litter box.

  1. Cleaning – do you regularly clean your cat’s litter box? Maybe you need to do some scooping so that your cat can use it again
  2. Type of litter – did you recently change the litter in the litter box? Maybe the new litter does not suit your cat, and she refuses to use it.
  3. Entering – can your cat reach the litter box? Did something block the access to the litter box? Maybe some item got in the way, and your cat can’t go around it
  4. Location – did you change the location of the litter box? Your cat maybe don’t like the new position and is letting you know by peeing outside
  5. Unusual things - Did something strange happen near the litter box? Was your cat scared? Maybe something spooked your cat, and she doesn’t want to go near the litter box

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Cats are clean animals and like their litter box to be clean and in perfect condition. If your cat is peeing everywhere instead of in the litter box, try these few steps to resolve this problem.

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How to stop this cat behavior?

For most cats, the reason for inappropriate urination will be a medical condition. If you rule out medical condition as a reason why your cat is peeing everywhere, there are the steps you can take to remove this cat behavior:

  1. Keep the cat litter box clean and desirable
  2. Put a litter box in the quiet area of the house where nothing will bother your cat
  3. If you own a big place, make sure that there are a few litter boxes in your home
  4. The litter box should be easy to access- especially for senior cats, since they can have problems getting in
  5. Find a suitable litter that your cat will approve
  6. Provide extra toys and playing areas for your cat
  7. Make sure your cat is happy and satisfied

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Many cat owners have problems with their cats peeing outside the litter box. This is a common problem in the cat community, and if your cat is one of them, you should immediately take action and find out why your cat does it. The first thing is to call your vet, and your vet can eliminate medical conditions. Further, ensure you regularly clean your cat litter box, provide your cat with enough toys, and keep your cat happy.

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