9 Possible Reasons Why Your Cat Could Follow You To The Bathroom

9 Possible Reasons Why Your Cat Could Follow You To The Bathroom

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Every cat parent has been there – you get ready to go to the bathroom only to see your cat behind you. It is not uncommon for cats to follow their owners in the bathroom, whether they are going to do their business or shower. But why is that? Why do cats like to follow us to the bathroom?

Given that cats like to be alone and value that time, why would they choose to follow us into the bathroom? Can it be that something is bothering them? Or is this just some normal cat behavior? Let's find out.

1. Your cat loves you

When a dog loves you, there will be many clear signs of how they will communicate love. On the other hand, cats can show love a little differently. By sitting or laying next to you, some cats will communicate love, and maybe you will not even think this is the main reason.

If you and your cat are closely connected, and you notice that she is following you around, including into the bathroom, this is a sign that your cat loves you.


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2. It’s part of their routine

Cats are animals that like their routine and don't like new changes. That said, if your cat is following you to the bathroom every morning, it is part of their routine also. Their internal clock will tell them when you will get up, and they know your next moves, so they do the routine with you.

3. Stress or anxiety

As we said in the previous reason, cats like their routine, and if their routine is interrupted, your cat may be under stress or experience anxiety. These changes don't have to be big to cause problems for your cat.

In other cases, if your cat starts to follow you to the bathroom, she may be having separation anxiety and doesn't like being left alone. This is not so common for cats, but it can certainly happen.

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4. Your cat is curious

Generally speaking, cats are curious creatures and will like to explore the world. If you close the bathroom door, your cat will be intrigued by what is happening inside, so the next time you go to the bathroom, your cat will follow you to investigate.


5. Your cat is bored

Indoor cats often don't get enough daily activities, so they need to find entertainment for themselves. If your cat is one of them, don't be surprised if she follows you to the bathroom since she is trying to make something happen and to entertain herself.

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6. Your cat likes to follow you

This one is pretty simple. Your cat could simply like to follow you anywhere, including the bathroom. No matter the main reason behind it, your cat will always follow you everywhere.

7. Wants to be with you

Many people see cats as lonely animals that don't like being in company. In reality, many cats thrive on human or other animal companionship. That said, your cat could start to follow you to the bathroom because she wants to be near you and keep you company.

8. Your cat likes to supervise you

Cats like to be ahead of things and watch everything around them. This will also include watching you in the bathroom doing your "business." This doesn't make much sense to us, but it is something that cats will most likely do.


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9. She wants attention

Some cats can thrive on human attention, cuddling and petting. When she follows you to the bathroom, your cat might know you will have time for cuddling, and she doesn't want to miss on that. They will take every chance to get some cuddles with their owners.

Should you allow your cat to follow you to the bathroom?

You are not alone if your cat is following you to the bathroom. We have all experienced this thing in our lives. Now you are probably wondering: Should you forbid your cat to follow you to the bathroom?

All of us have agreed that this isn't something you should do unless your cat is disrupting your privacy and you can’t do your "business." If it doesn't bother you that your cat is next to you every time you go into the bathroom, we suggest you keep it this way.

Do cats understand the concept of a bathroom?

Cats are not grossed out like us when we talk about going to the bathroom. They don't have that concept; on the contrary, cats rely on their smell because they can learn much from it. That said, when your cat is following you to the bathroom, she doesn't necessarily know what is happening; rather, she is just curious to go in there with you.

The same applies to showering, cleaning teeth, or even shaving – our cats will follow us and keep us company, but only because they are curious.

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