5 Reasons Why Does My Cat Stare At Me - Some May Surprise You

5 Reasons Why Does My Cat Stare At Me - Some May Surprise You

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You probably already know that cats will communicate differently than humans. They can stare, blink, and rub against you to try to communicate with you. One of this behavior is staring. Have you ever seen your cat intensively stare at you? If you are an inexperienced cat owner, you probably asked yourself: "why does my cat stare at me?" There are a few reasons behind this behavior so let's start.

Why does my cat stare at me?

If you catch your cat staring at you, there could be a few possible reasons why your cat does it. Some of them are harmless behavior, while others can indicate that something is bothering your cat. We bring you 5 most common reason why cats stare at you.

1. Your cat is hungry

If you catch your cat staring at you, it could signify that she is hungry. This is especially true if your cat is sitting near the food area; that could indicate that your cat is hungry. Maybe you forgot to feed your feline friend, or your cat is extra hungry. Either way, your cat is asking for food.

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2. Your cat loves you 

Cat staring can also indicate that your cat loves you. If your cat is relaxed and constantly stares at you, she wants you to know that she loves you. In some cases, staring can be accompanied by slowly eye blinking. This is equivalent to people saying, "I love you."

3. Your cat is curious

If you are doing some strange behavior or making some weird noises, your cat could stare at you out of curiosity. The cat will try to figure out what is happening and what the "new noises" mean. Cats are naturally curious animals and always want to know what is happening in their surroundings.

4. Your cat is territorial

Cats can be territorial animals, and they can have their favorite spaces. If you catch your cat staring at you while she is on her bed or in her favorite space, maybe she's trying to communicate that you should stay away. She likes her coziness and doesn't want to be interrupted.

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5. Your cat is sick

Cats are excellent at hiding illness, but in some cases, your cat can try to communicate that she is feeling sick. If you catch your cat staring at you and that behavior is accompanied by your cat making noises or strange behavior, you should ask your vet for help. Maybe you will be unable to figure out what is wrong with your cat, but your vet can help.

Why does my kitten stare at me?

Kittens are naturally curious and want to explore the world around them. If you catch your kitten staring at you, it could mean that the kitten is trying to learn new surroundings. In other cases, kittens can stare at you to get your attention to play with them. This behavior will be accompanied by purring and kneading.

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My cat is making eye contact with me

Sometimes the cat will not only stare at you but rather look you in your eyes. In the past, cats needed to hunt in the wild, and to target their prey, they would lock their eyes on the prey. If you catch your cat locking an eye on you, the reasons for such behavior are the same as for cat staring.

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Cat body language

While staring at you, cats can exhibit different body language. To fully understand what your cat is trying to communicate, you must understand the cat's body language. Let's check them out.

  • Happy and relaxed – if your cat snuggles near you while staring at you, she is happy; this behavior will accompany a loose and relaxed posture.
  • Agitated – if your cat's ears are turned to the side, with dilated pupils, your cat could be upset. This behavior will let you know that cat requires some space. You must shift your cat's attention to different activities to stop this behavior.
  • Scared – if your cat is hiding under things, has dilated pupils, or has a tail tucked under its body, your cat is scared. To help your cat overcome fear, try giving your cat some tasteful treats.

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Cats are intelligent animals, and by staring at their owners will try to communicate different things. They will try to get your attention, whether hungry, scared, or bored. Now you know the main reason why your cat will stare at you and how to recognize it.

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