6 Main Reasons Why Your Cat Could Start Rolling On Her Back

6 Main Reasons Why Your Cat Could Start Rolling On Her Back

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Cats like to express themselves through different movements and sounds. Catching your cat rolling on her back could be a cute and funny scene, but is there a reason behind this? Owners should learn to read cats' body language to understand what the cat is trying to communicate.

Rolling on the back will have its own message your cat will try to communicate. There are a few reasons cats could show this behavior, and you are about to learn about them. Let's start.

 Why does my cat roll on her back?

There could be many reasons you can catch your cat rolling on her back; in most cases, this will be a positive gesture. Sometimes rolling could be accompanied by purring and meowing. Your cat will try to tell you she feels safe and comfortable near you by rolling on her back.

6 main reasons why your cat could start rolling on her back

1. Invitation to play

There could be a time in your cat's life when she will feel playful and will want you to know that. By rolling on the back, your cat could initiate playtime with you. This is especially true if you notice your cat playing with some toys at the time she is rolling around.

The best thing you can do is to take an invite and play with your cat. This will create a strong bond between you as an owner and your cat. Believe us when we say you should take this as a compliment if your cat is initiating playtime.

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2. Seeking attention

When a dog lies on his back with all fours in the air – he wants you to start rubbing his belly. With cats, it is a little bit different. A cat could show the same behavior, but in most cases, she will not demand belly rubs; on the contrary, your cat will want to communicate that she is feeling friendly but doesn't want to be touched.

3. Scratching back

If the cat is feeling itchy in her back, she will have to find a way to reach her back because she cannot reach that area with her paws. Rolling on the back could help remove the itchiness.

If you notice that your cat has started to roll on her back more often, and it seems that she has an itch on her back, you should check her up for parasites that could affect her fur and skin.

Make sure that your cat regularly receives protection against fleas, ticks, and mites, and you can be sure that she will not have any problems related to these nasty parasites.

4. Marking

It is not uncommon for your cat to mark what she thinks it’s hers. If you catch her rolling on her back, maybe she is trying to mark territory. This is especially true if your cat lives in a multi-pet household. Living with few cats could develop more territorial cats, who will want to ensure that everybody knows who is in charge.

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5. Attracting other cats

If you own a female cat in the heat process, don't be surprised if she starts rolling on her back to let other male cats know she is interested in matting. The cat's hormones are especially active at this time, and she will naturally want to mate.

If you are not planning to breed your cat, we advise you to spay your cat, to remove the possibility of unwanted pregnancy.

6. Showing love

Cats can have different ways of showing us they love us. Although it may not seem to you this way, rolling on her back could indirectly indicate that your cat is happy and relaxed near your company, and in other words, your cat loves you.

We know that this isn't the best way to show someone you love them, but we will still take it.

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Should you stop your cat from rolling on her back?

As we stated earlier, rolling on the back will only indicate good things, and that said, there is no valid reason why you should forbid this from happening. Your cat will use rolling to communicate with you, and why would you want to take one source of communication from your cat?

The best thing you can do is to understand exactly what your cat is trying to tell you, and if you do so, you can be sure that both you and your cat will be happy and satisfied.

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