6 Reasons Why Your Cat Could Start Rubbing Against You

6 Reasons Why Your Cat Could Start Rubbing Against You

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Cats are intelligent creatures and have their own way of communication; you have to learn it. For most things, you will have to read the cat's body language to understand what your cat is trying to communicate.

There can be a time when you will notice your cat starting to rub against you, and you might wonder why this is happening. Is it a sign of affection, or is something bothering your cat?

To help all cat owners wondering the same thing, we talked to our vet and cat trainer, and we found 6 reasons why your cat could start rubbing against you. Some of the reasons may surprise you.

1. Saying hello

The simplest reason why your cat will rub against you is to say hello. If you have been away for a longer period, your cat will want to greet you when you come home. They will rub their head and entire body against you as a form of saying hello.

2. Showing affection

If your cat likes to rub against you more often, she is probably showing affection. She is comfortable near you and wants to let you know that. Many people think cats cannot show emotions, but in reality, they can show you affection if they feel secure and happy.

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3. Asking for attention

We all know that cats are independent animals and don't need us in the same ratio as dogs. However, if you own an indoor cat, you will still need to provide her with the necessary things. If your cat rub against you, maybe she is hungry and asking for a meal.

It will be okay if your cat starts to rub against you for you to start playing with her. You might think this is not so common, but you'd be surprised how often we noticed cats rubbing against their owner as an invitation to play.

Last but not least, cats will rub against you in the pursuit of petting. Maybe your cat is feeling extra needy and will want some good and gentle petting from you.

4. Gathering scent

If you ever got some guests in your house and you notice your cat started to rub against them, most probably, she is gathering their scent. This is completely normal since cats will gather all the information about the person, including scents from other cats or animals.

Often time people will see cats rubbing as an invitation for petting, but in reality, cat only wants to gather information and will not be interested in petting from strangers.

cat rubing against you

5. Marking

Cats like to spread their scent and mark their territory, including you. Don't be surprised when you learn that cats can rub against you to mark you as theirs. With this act, they will try to warn any other cats or animals not to come near you.

This is completely normal cat behavior, and it shouldn't concern you.

6. Health problem

Rubbing against you doesn't necessarily mean all the good things. If your cat started to exhibit this behavior and she didn't before, there is probably some health problem that is bothering her.

This is usually closely connected to skin and fur problems and infection, but it can also indicate some more serious problems.

If your cat started to rub against you, she could experience

  • Ear infections
  • Skin problems
  • Fur problems
  • Allergies
  • Fleas’ infection
  • Tumors

If some medical problem is bothering your cat, it will be pretty simple to notice it since your cat will act differently, and she could show many different symptoms that will indicate something is wrong.

If you notice something bothering your cat, best you can do is to call your vet and schedule a meeting.

cat rubing against you

Should you allow your cat to rub against you?

You should absolutely allow your cat to rub against you. Not only is it a very pleasant feeling, but it is also a form of cat communication skills. You cannot just like that take their way of communication.

Our advice for every cat owner is to learn a cat's body language; that way, you can be sure that both you and your cat will be satisfied and that there will not be any misunderstanding.

With rubbing, your cat is exploring the world, and don't think that cats only like to rub against people. They could start rubbing against furniture, other things, and even toys. It is their way of communicating with the environment.

When to worry?

You should only worry about your cat rubbing against you if you notice some symptoms that can indicate a certain health issue. Like we said earlier, if your cat has some medical problem, rubbing will not be the only thing your cat does.

Your cat will show different symptoms, and by noticing them, you can understand that it will need some medical attention. To help your cat, you must contact your vet and take your cat to the clinic.

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