Why Cat Zoomies Happens & What You Can Do?

Why Cat Zoomies Happens & What You Can Do?

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If you are a cat owner, there is a high possibility that you witnesses your cat getting the zoomies. Cat zoomies usually start without any particular reason. One minute your cat is calm, and the next, she will begin running across the house. This is a standard behavior closely connected to cats and dogs. But why does this happens? Why do cats get the zoomies? There are a few possible reasons, and we will explain them all. Let’s start.

What are cat zoomies?

Cat zoomies are known as a short period of hyperactivity. It usually happens when your cat “zooms” out and starts running to burn their energy. This cat behavior is mainly known as Frenetic Random Activity Periods. When the cat gets a burst of energy, she will start running, and before you know it, your cat will be back on the couch relaxing.

These episodes usually don’t happen for an extended period. Occasional zoomies are perfectly normal cat behavior, but if your cat does it more often, maybe there are some problems that you will need to take care of.

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Why do cats get the zoomies?

Although cat zoomies are mostly normal cat behavior, it is good if you know why your cats have them. Here are a few reasons why cats get the zoomies:

1. Energy burst

Cats are active animals; in the wild, they would ambush their prey and have a short burst of energy while hunting. The same thing applies to your domesticated cat. They spend most of their day resting and sleeping, and if you don’t allow your cat to spend her energy, zoomies will most likely happen.

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All cats can experience zoomies because of accumulated energy, and they are most common in kittens and younger cats with more energy.

To stop this from happening, you must provide your cat with enough activities, so she can burn her energy and not experience zoomies.

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2. Pain

This is a rare reason why cats have zoomies, but it can happen. If you notice that your cat has zoomies caused by pain, you should visit your vet as soon as possible.

Some cats have itchy skin or fleas and will get zoomies in the attempt to escape unpleasant feelings. Older cats can experience hearing or vision loss and can get spooked easier.

You must watch for other symptoms if you suspect your cat has zoomies because of the pain.

Things like unusual scratching, excessive licking, etc., can all be signs of something bothering your cat, and the best thing you can do is call your vet.

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3. Zoomies after pooping

There are situations where your cat will have zoomies after pooping. This could indicate that something is wrong with her defecation. Also, this could mean that her litter box is not clean. Cats are clean animals, requiring you to keep their litter box clean and fresh. A clean litter box prevents many health problems, including urinary infections and bacteria.

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How to prevent cat zoomies?

Watching your cat in zoomies mode can be fun, but if your cat does it too often, this will usually mean that they have accumulated energy or something is bothering them. Either way, you need to find a reason why your cat does it and stop this behavior. Here are a few tips on preventing your cat from having zoomies.

1. Play with your cat

The best thing you can do to stop cat zoomies is to provide your cat with enough daily stimulation. If you regularly exercise your cat, she will be more satisfied, and there is less possibility that your cat will have zoomies.

You can get your cat some interactive toys to keep her occupied during the day when you are not around.

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2. Feed them correctly

Cat will prefer if you feed them more often with smaller meals. If you give your cat three to four smaller meals throughout the day, she can have stable energy levels, and there is less possibility that zoomies will kick in.

You can also use a puzzle feeder for your cat and stimulate your cat mentally and physically during meal time. Many owners reported this to be excellent advice.

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3. Create calm environment

To ensure that your cat will be more relaxed, you should provide her with a calmer environment. You can use cat-friendly plants your cat can explore and create new places in your house for your cat to hide. Boxes are always a good idea since cats love them.

When should you visit the vet?

It is essential that you can recognize when something is bothering your cat and when you should see a vet. If your cat has constant zoomies, look for other symptoms that can indicate some problems. Contact your vet for advice if you notice symptoms like bald patches, sore skin, persistent itching, etc.

If your cat doesn’t have any accompanying symptoms, your cat is usually under-stimulated, and you will have to provide her with more activities. If you are an inexperienced cat owner, even in this case, you can contact your vet to advise you on keeping your cat active.


Cat zoomies can happen to any cat, and usually, it is normal cat behavior. You should only be worried if your cat experiences zoomies more often; in that case, you must recognize what is bothering your cat. The most possible reasons are under stimulation or health problem. In both cases, your vet can help you and advise on how to stop cat zoomies in the future.

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