8 Ways To Keep Your Cat Happy & Satisfied

8 Ways To Keep Your Cat Happy & Satisfied

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A cat's likes and dislikes are likely to be extensive because they are intelligent and pretty opinionated. In most cases, your cat's favorite activities and pastimes are the same ones you enjoy, such as good food, comfortable places to nap, and plenty of entertaining things to do.

Your cat's likes and dislikes might change as they get older—your cat might love their feathered toy one day, but the next day they don't seem interested in it anymore. In order to keep your cat happy and healthy, you must be aware of any changes in your cat's interests. Here are the 8 things you can provide to your cat that will make them incredibly happy.

1. Fresh food

A meal of lousy, expired food isn't something you'd likely want to eat. Your cat is the same. Mold and bacteria, such as Salmonella and Staphylococcus, can grow on spoiled or stale food, making it more than just a bad-tasting meal.

Make sure both dry and wet cat food hasn't expired before serving it to your feline friend. You can rest assured that they're getting nothing but the best for their health and well-being if you ensure your cat high-quality nutrition.

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2. Running fresh water

Because cats like to drink running water whenever they can, you should be prepared for that. With so many drinking fountains specifically designed for cats, they can always reach cold, fresh water at their disposal.

Did you know some cat breeds even enjoy splashing around in the water on occasion? If your cat enjoys playing in the water, try filling a kiddy pool or a bathtub with some water before you start playing. On hot days, your cat will be able to cool down and get some exercise by participating in this activity.

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3. Birdwatching

Cats curled up next to windows are not uncommon. Why? It's an excellent location for birdwatching! Cats can easily spend several hours a day watching birds, whether because cats consider them as prey or just because birds are so fascinating to watch.

If your cat prefers curling up in the sun, especially with light-colored fur, be sure to provide them with adequate sun protection. Your vet can tell you all about kitty-friendly sunscreens and limit your cat's exposure to the sun between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

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4. Scratching

It is instinctual for cats to scratch and claw various surfaces. In addition, they are filled with joy when they are allowed to do that.

Additionally, scratching helps cats relax and rejuvenate themselves. As a human analogy, it's like taking a long, relaxing stretch when you're sore or tired. There's nothing like the sound of a scratching post or tree to awaken an exhausted feline.

5. Grooming

According to a new study, adult cats spend about 50% of their time awake grooming themselves. A kitty's life can't go on without regular grooming. They spend so much time grooming themselves for a variety of reasons;

  • It helps to keep them tidy. Grooming removes dirt from a cat's coat, but it also hides them from predators and prey. How? Any odors that have been absorbed by their coats are washed away by licking.
  • It keeps their coats and skin in good condition. Grooming your cat regularly helps distribute the natural oils produced by their skin, ensuring a healthy, glossy, and hydrated coat.
  • They feel more at ease as a result. Isn't a massage the best way to unwind? Cats share this sentiment with us! They don't go to a masseuse to relieve stress and calm down. Instead, they groom themselves.
  • It aids in their socialization with other cats. To build and strengthen their relationship, cats groom each other and their owners. Cats are often seen grooming one another in awkward positions.
  • It's a great way to keep them from getting too hot. Humans sweat, dogs pant, and cats lick their own paws. During the hottest days, cats use saliva to cool themselves down.

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If your cat enjoys being groomed by you, try using wide bristle brushes or rubber gloves to get the job done. It'll get rid of any gunk from the cat's fur, and it will be incredibly soothing for them.

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6. Napping

Cats enjoy napping. In fact, cats sleep for a staggering 12-16 hours each day! Cats are nocturnal by nature, and they spend the majority of their days nodding off. No one can resist taking a long, peaceful snooze in a soft, inviting nook.

If you have an adolescent cat, they may spend less time sleeping than kittens or seniors. Talk to your veterinarian if you think your cat sleeps excessively or insufficiently. However, keep in mind that a cat's breed, age, activity level, and size play a role in the amount of sleep a cat needs.

7. Their owners

Cats are often described as solitary animals. However, they still need love, affection, and companionship - and they love to receive it from their owners. Cats have a slightly different way of saying "I love you" than we do.

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Purring, bunting, sleeping near or on you, licking, meowing, and even sticking their rear end in your face are all signs your cat adores you.

8. Regular playtime

Cats take their playtime very seriously, from the time they are kittens to the time they reach their senior years. Keep your cat amused and healthy by playing with toys that will get them physically and mentally active. In the wild, cats had to hunt and capture prey, so playtime harks back to that time and keeps them active, engaged, and happy.

Playing games like hide and seek may also be a favorite pastime for your feline companion. Whatever your cat prefers to do, it's essential to squeeze in a few minutes of play every day.

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