8 Possible Reasons Why Does Cats Meow at Night

8 Possible Reasons Why Does Cats Meow at Night

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Cat meows could be one of the sweetest sounds your cat makes. But will they be as sweet if your cat starts meowing at night while you are asleep? If you are an experienced cat owner, you probably know that this behavior is not unusual, but why do cats meow at night? Is there any specific reason, or do they just do it because they want someone to pay attention to them? We did a little research and found the main 8 reasons why cats meow at night. Let's start.

1. Your cat is bored

The most apparent reason cats meow at night is that they are bored. If your cat isn't active during the day, they will have accumulated energy that will keep them up at night. By meowing, they will try to make interactions with you. Providing an energy outlet for your cat before bedtime can help her spend its energy, and you will ensure that your cat will be satisfied during the night.

In this case, meowing at night is seeking your attention to spend time with your cat. If you own an indoor cat and you can't let her out, you should provide toys for your cat that can stimulate their brain.

2. Cats are active at night

It is widely known that cats are most active at night, especially outdoor cats. This is the perfect time to hunt. Many house cats will adapt to their owners' routine and living conditions, but sometimes it could happen that the cat will be awake and active during the night, and that will start meowing. This is especially true when it comes to younger cats and kittens. Their natural instincts will tell them that the night is time for them to be active.

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Cats are most active during dawn and dusk, and even though that is their natural thing, there is a way to put a schedule with your cat. Your cat can learn your schedule and stick to it. Also, ensure you provide your cat with enough activities during the day.

3. Your cat could be stuck

If your cat mostly spends their time outdoors, and if you lock her inside during the night, she could feel stuck and will meow to let her out. If it's safe, you can let your cat out during the night, and with that, you will resolve the meowing problem.

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4. Kidney disease

If your cat won't stop meowing at night and you couldn't find any specific reason for such behavior, you should take your cat for an examination at the vet clinic. Cats that meow at night can indicate that they are in pain, which can indicate kidney disease in cats. Your vet will know what to look at and will let your know if some condition is bothering your cat.

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5. Aging

Cats will age like any other living being. One of the leading health problems that senior cats will experience is Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome or CDS. This syndrome will cause disorientation in your cat, and one of the main symptoms of the CDS is meowing. So if you own a senior cat, this could be a reason for constant cats meowing at night.

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6. Your cat could be hungry or thirsty

Your cat could be hungry or thirsty in the middle of the night. Make sure that you give food to your cat before going to bed, and also, you must leave your cat fresh water if she decides that she is thirsty in the middle of the night. That way, your cat will not meow in an attempt to let you know that she needs water.

7. Clean the cats' litter box

Cats like to be clean, which also means they like their litter box to be clean and fresh. Before going to bed, make sure that you clean your cat litter box. This could also be a reason why your cat is meowing at night. A clean litter box will keep your cat happy and satisfied when they need to do their business.

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8. Check for disturbances

There could be some disturbances that are causing your cat to meow. Strange noise or bright light could be why your cat started meowing in the middle of the night. When going to sleep, make sure that there are no disturbances for your cat to react.

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How to stop a cat from meowing at night?

Now that you know all the possible reasons why your cat could meow at night, you can address the problem and find possible solutions. If you are a first-time cat owner, you can ask your vet for help. They have much more experience and will gladly help you and your cat. Make sure you first find a possible cause; it will be much easier for you to resolve cats meowing at night.


Although cat meowing is cute, it isn't cute if the meowing wakes you up in the middle of the night. Cats will meow at night for many different reasons, and to stop this behavior, first, you will have to find what is causing this problem. Most reasons are harmless, and you can prevent this cat behavior. If your cat is meowing because of a medical condition, you should seek vet help.

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