What Does A Term "Chonky Cat" Means?

What Does A Term "Chonky Cat" Means?

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You are probably wondering what the term chunky cat really means, but in reality, this is just slang used to describe fat and big cats. Nobody knows who invented this word, but most internet users are familiar with it and don't mind using it.

There was a rising trend on TikTok and Facebook, where cat owners shared pictures of their chonky cats to entertain other people. Although this may seem fun, having an obese cat is not fun. Many veterinarians have called out those cat owners to help their cats rather than use their physical appearance to entertain others on the internet.

Problem with the rising trend of chunky cats

Obesity is never a good thing, whether it comes to humans, dogs, or cats. By being obese, there is a higher risk of contracting many additional diseases that can surely disrupt health. Many cats are obese, and the best thing you can do as a cat owner is to help your cat lose some weight. By doing so, you can ensure good health for your feline.

This popular internet trend with chonky cats is doing exactly the opposite. This trend encourages cat owners to own a chonky cat, be proud of it, and not do anything about helping their cat lose some weight.

For the 5 minutes of glory, they are ready to risk their pet's life and not provide proper care for their obese cat. We sure do hope that this trend will not last long since we can only imagine how much more cats will become obese just so their owners can get a spotlight on the internet.

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Why shouldn't you let your cat become obese?

Although chonky cats look funny, cute, and fluffy, when you consider health problems, you must find a proper way for your cat to lose some of her weight. Obesity is a serious problem; in no time, your cat could have many different and additional health concerns.

If you own an obese cat, the best thing you can do is to speak with your vet about your next moves. In most cases, diet changes will do the trick, and by only switching your cat to light food, you will be able to control your cat's weight.

Also, providing your cat with proper exercise could do the trick and help your cat lose some weight and create a better bond between you and your feline friend.

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