2 Main Reasons Why Cats Chirp

2 Main Reasons Why Cats Chirp

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Cats create many different sounds to communicate with their environment. We are familiar with meowing, purring, and hissing, but what about chirping? You would think that this sound is something that birds will create, but in reality, cats also can make this sound.

If you are a curious cat owner, you most probably wondered: Why do cats chirp when you heard your cat chirp for the first time. The good news is that this is nothing serious, and it's normal cat behavior. The majority of cats will start chirping in some aspect of their life. Let's take a look at the reasons why your cat could start chirping.

Why do cats chirp?

Since the cats have been domesticated, they learned that making certain sounds is the best way to communicate with people. Cats will communicate with their environment with all the sounds, including chirping. Most commonly, chirping will occur in two different situations. Let's check them out.

1. Saying hello

If you catch your cat chirping after you come home when you have been away or even if your cat starts to chirp when your guest enters your house, with chirping, your cat will try to say hello. With chirping, cats will show that they are happy to see certain people and will gladly greet them.

After you notice that your cat starts to chirp, you can pet her or take her favorite toy and start to play with her. This will create an even stronger bond between you and your cat.


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2. Looking at prey

The second reason your cat could start chirping is that she noticed a bird, squirrel, or any other animal that interests her. Their hunting abilities will rise, and they will instantly start chirping. This will usually happen when your cat notices a bird or any other animal, and there is a barrier that separates them – like a window. Your cat will stare at the bird and chirp.

Chirping can occur in any cat, no matter if they are indoor or outdoor. Indoor cats could hunt flies, while outdoor cats can potentially hunt birds, squirrels, etc.

Sometimes, you can even catch your cat chirping at her toys. The same thing applies as to birds; they will see a toy as prey they will want to hunt.

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Do all cats chirp?

Yes, all cats chirp. This is a completely normal cat sound and serves as a great way of communication. You'd be surprised that even wild cats will make this sound. It is in their genes.

Is chirping dangerous?

There is nothing dangerous about chirping, and there is no reason why you should forbid your cat from making this sound. However, if your cat likes to chase birds or any other animals, you must secure that she is safe because if your cat starts hunting, she could easily end up in problems, especially if you live in a crowded area with a lot of traffic.

Chirping is alright if it happens in a controlled environment. You must always protect your cat and secure her health.


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