Are Laser Pointers Bad For Cats?

Are Laser Pointers Bad For Cats?

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As a cat parent, you must provide your cat with fun activities during the day. Maybe you heard somewhere, or you tried yourself to use laser pointers and play with your cat. As you may wonder, your cat will gladly start to chase laser dots on the floor. But is this safe? Are laser pointers bad for cats? Stay with us and find out!

Do cats love laser pointers?

Cats are known to have a high prey drive, and they want to catch different smaller animals. Laser pointers can imitate some animals; in most cases, your cat will try and catch it. Cats will love chasing small red dot on the floor, but the problem with this game is that your cat will never be able to catch the little red dot. Because of that, she can become frustrated quickly.

Are laser pointers bad for cats?

The main problem connected with laser pointers and cats is that cats will never be able to actually catch the red dot. Since they are predators and when they chase, they will need to complete the process of hunting to feel satisfied.

With laser pointers, that cannot happen, and your cat can start to feel frustrated or even stressed. If you want to play with your cat using laser pointers, you will have to learn how to do it safely by not causing stress for your cat.

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How to play with a laser pointer and your cat?

Allowing your cat to play with laser pointers is completely fine if you do it properly. Here are a few tips on what you will have to do to ensure safe play for your cat

1.  Start slowly

You don't want to overdo your cat during the first playing time. Slowly introduce the laser to your cat and slightly increase the playing time.

2. Watch where you point

As you may think, you should never point a laser directly at your cat, especially in their eyes. Second thing, you should avoid pointing the laser on high walls or places your cat can not go because this could lead to injuries.


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3. Reward your cat

Like we said earlier, cats are predators, and when they chase and hunt, they must complete the process to be satisfied. When you play with a laser pointer, you must secure that at the end, you provide your cat with the reward of catching something. The good trick, which turned out to be excellent, is to point a laser at some toy at the end and allow your cat to catch that toy. That way, your cat will feel satisfied, and she will be happy.

Are laser pointers good for cats?

In today's world, many cats are not so active, which can cause health problems. By allowing your cat to play with laser pointers, you will provide good physical exercise and also mental stimulation for your cat.

You can protect your cat from becoming obese, bored, and potentially developing aggression. As we said earlier, you should start slowly and increase the time you play with your cat. That way, you can ensure that you provide your cat with the proper amount of daily exercise she needs.


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What if my cat doesn't want to play with a laser pointer?

Not all cats will like laser pointers, and that is perfectly fine. You shouldn't force your cat to start enjoying laser pointers. Rather you should find some other interactive toy that can occupy your cat's mind and which will allow your cat to get physical exercise.

For some cats, it could be pretty hard to find a toy that they will like, but don't be discharged if you don't find it right away. For every kitty, there is a toy that they will consider a favorite. You just have to find it.


The laser pointer can be good for cats to play with, but firstly, you must understand how to use it properly to ensure that your cat gets the proper amount of exercise and doesn't feel stressed. If your cat doesn't seem to like laser pointers, there are many other interactive toys you can provide for your cat that will do the same thing.

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