Do Cats Like Music? [Research]

Do Cats Like Music? [Research]

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It is widely known that humans love music, and since there are many different types of music, everybody can find something for themselves. We enjoy music for various reasons, including relaxing, getting away from our chores, or simply adoring beauty in tones. It is natural to assume that our cats also want to hear good music. But is it true? Do cats like music? While some cats will enjoy music, others will not be impressed.

Do cats like music?

If you are a cat owner and tried to play some music for your cat, you probably didn't get the reaction from your cat that you expected. Most cats will show little to no interest in our music unless you play it very loud. In this case, cats will walk away.

A few studies tried to show why cats like classical music. They played classical music for cats in shelters and watched their reaction. Since classical music creates a calm atmosphere, they started to play it for cats, but they didn't get the hoped-for response. Although the cats did not walk away when the music started playing, they also didn't show any signs that they liked it.

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Can we make our music more appealing for cats?

If you started to think, is there any way for your cat to begin to enjoy our music, you are not alone. Many researchers have already started to conduct studies for this to happen. Scientists have found that cats will not enjoy human music because of the tempos. Tempos used in human music are very similar to our heartbeat. Cats are created differently; although our music appeals to us, cats cannot enjoy them.

Scientists and researchers are still looking to find what music cats will like and are slowly starting to put the pieces together.

Why don't cats enjoy human music?

Humans' and cats' hearing is entirely different. Cats have a hearing range from 48 – 85.000 Hz, and this is one of the best ranges in all mammals. Cat's hearing is sensitive, which may be why cats don't like human music. For comparison, human hearing ranges from 20 – 20.000 Hz.

Although we have a similar lower hearing as cats, they have much extended upper hearing, which can cause our music not to feel appealing. Cats prefer more species-specific music that must be designed for cats to enjoy.

What music to play for your cat?

Classical music is the only one you can play for your cat from human music. It is calm, and although it will not have much influence on your cat, it will create a calm atmosphere.

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The best music you can choose for your cat is species-specific music that cats will better understand and quite possibly enjoy.

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What music not to play near your cat?

Music with heavy tones can cause discomfort and even scare your cat. Heavy metal is a big no when it comes to music for cats. In this case, your cat will probably try to escape the room where the music is playing.

Cats will prefer calm music that will not interfere with their relaxation.


If you ever wondered do cats like music, you will be sad to find out that our cats don't like or enjoy human music. The best thing you can do for your cat is to play species-specific music that cats will most likely enjoy. Human music with heavy tones should be avoided, and you should never play them near your cat because it will create discomfort, and your cat will try to escape the environment where the music is being played.

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