Can Cats Eat Salami? Is It Safe For Them?

Can Cats Eat Salami? Is It Safe For Them?

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We all know that cats are obligate carnivores and that they need meat in their diet to survive. That said, it is natural to assume you can share salami with your cat without consequences. While cat thrives on meat, sharing salami with your cat will not cause toxicity, but we would advise you against it. Here is why.

Can cats eat salami?

The shortest answer would be – yes, cats can eat salami, but the better question you should ask would be: Is it smart to share a salami with your cat? Salami technically is meat, but the only difference between salami and the meat your cat will benefit from is that salami isn't cooked and is prepared by fermenting and drying in the air.

Salami could easily be infected by various bacteria because of the making process. This isn't the case with cooked meat because, as you may know, cooking will destroy all the harmful bacteria that can harm your cat.


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Why isn't good to share salami with my cat?

Besides the reason mentioned above, salami will not offer nutritional value to your cat's diet. When you are urged to share some human food with your cat, we advise you to always find and share something that can enrich your cat's diet. By sharing salami, your cat will not receive any benefit.

Most commercial salami has a high amount of salt; as you may know, sodium can cause many problems for your cat. If your cat eats a small piece, she will, in most cases, be fine, but eating a lot of salami could cause problems because of sodium.

Not to mention that many brands making salami often use other ingredients, such as garlic, which cats also need to avoid if you want to keep them healthy.

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How much salami can I give to my cat?

Before you share salami with your cat, we advise you to talk to your vet and ask for his opinion. In most cases, sharing a small piece of salami will not cause health problems for your cat, but there are always exceptions.

Take note that pregnant cats, as well as kittens, should never eat salami. They have a much more sensitive system, and eating even a small piece of salami could cause them many health problems.


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What to do if my cat ate a lot of salami?

The first thing you will have to do is to stay calm. Try to figure out how much salami have your cat eaten and was there any ingredients that could be potentially toxic included in the salami. After that, contact your vet and tell him what happened.

You will have to watch for symptoms that could indicate that salami is causing problems for your cat. If your cat starts to vomit, has diarrhea, or feels lethargic, take her to the vet immediately. Every minute is important to save your pet's life in this scenario.

Can cats eat pepperoni?

According to our research, pepperoni is even more used in the human diet than regular salami. Since the pepperoni is spicier compared to salami, it presents even more risk for your cat. Pepperoni will still be full of salt, and on top of that, it can contain spicy ingredients that your cat needs to avoid if you want to preserve her health.

We know that sometimes it is really hard to say no to your kitty's eyes, but when it comes to pepperoni and salami, we advise you to do it. You can always offer your cat some tasty treats when eating salami so she doesn't feel left out.

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