Should You Allow Your Cat To Eat Beef?

Should You Allow Your Cat To Eat Beef?

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We always talk about how cats need proteins in their diet to fulfill their nutritional need, and often those proteins come from various meat sources. You shouldn’t be surprised if you notice your cat staring at you while you are eating some beef. At this moment, you might ask yourself, “can cats eat beef” or “Would beef be safe for my cat?”

Today we will talk about different types of beef and their influence on cats and their health.

Do cats like to eat meat?

Cats are obligate carnivores, and they need meat in their diet. Most specifically, they need proteins that can, in most cases, be found in various types of meat. So, generally speaking, cats do like meat, and it should be a real surprise if your cat refuses to eat any piece of meat if you offer it to her.

Most cats will gladly and fast swallow pieces of meat whenever they get a chance.

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Can cats eat beef?

The shortest answer would be – yes, cats can eat beef. However, not all types of beef will be safe for your cat, so if you want to preserve your pet’s health, you must learn what type of beef you can offer her.

We talked to our vet about the connection between cats and beef, and this is what she told us:

“Sharing a few pieces of meat with your cat shouldn’t do any harm to her since their system is designed to process meat. Make sure to follow guidelines given by your vet whenever you are introducing anything new to your cat’s diet, and with beef, you can “spice” your cat’s nutrition.”

Are there any health benefits of cats eating beef?

Beef contains some healthy nutrients that can provide additional benefits for your cat, but for your cat to fully experience all the benefits, you will have to make sure that you are only feeding her a safe type of beef.

Beef is packed with:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B complex
  • Vitamin C
  • Zinc
  • Manganese
  • Selenium
  • Iron


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Can cats eat raw beef?

When we talk about beef, often time will, owners suggest that eating raw beef will also provide a good source of nutrients for cats and that cats will enjoy this type of beef.

We talked with our vet about different types of beef and how to make sure that we offer our cats the safer ones, and this is what she said.

“Cats should only be fed with cooked meat since raw meat still possesses the ability to cause some problems for your cat. The same as it would for us. Your cat could be interested in eating raw beef, but you, as a cat owner, shouldn’t allow your cat to do so.”

Raw meat shouldn’t be on your cat’s menu since it can only create additional problems. Raw beef and meat, in general, is an ideal place for bacteria and parasites to develop. Once your cat has contracted this, she could potentially spread these bacteria onto humans.

IMPORTANT: Our general advice would be to keep your cat away from raw beef.

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Can too much beef be bad for my cat?

No matter how good or beneficial it is for cats, any food can become bad if your cat starts to eat it excessively. As with any food, you must keep the portions small, and beef could serve as a rare, delicious treat your cat could get from time to time.

Only by doing so, you can make sure that she gets all the important nutrients and benefits from beef while also keeping the low chances of any health problems appearing.

Should you feed your cat beef?

Since beef is beneficial for your cat, there is no reason why you shouldn’t offer it to your cat from time to time. Talk to your vet about the recommended dosages to ensure that nothing happens to your pet.

Many commercial cat food already has beef in their recipes, so even if you didn’t think about that before, there is a high possibility that your cat is already consuming some beef in their nutrition.

Manufacturers like to use beef for making dry cat food, wet cat food, and even cat treats because of the flavor and smell it provides for cats.

cats and beef

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Can cats eat beef jerky?

Beef jerky is one common type of human food that we like to eat on different occasions. Since this is made from beef, we could assume that our cats could eat it too. Well, not so fast. You should never feed your cat with beef jerky.

If your cat manages to eat a small piece of beef jerky, she will be all right and will not experience health problems, but you should not test your luck and offer it to your cat.

The most common problem with beef jerky are additional spices and flavors such as garlic, pepper, or even jalapeno. These spices are dangerous for cats and can quickly develop serious health-related issues.

Also, beef jerky is high in sodium, which can, in large quantities, cause dehydration and sodium poisoning for your cat.

How to offer beef to your cat?

The best thing you can do is to spread pieces of beef of ground beef over your cat’s dry food. You only have to make sure that the beef is fully cooked and that the pieces are small enough for your cat to swallow.

Big pieces of beef can cause choking, and to remove the possibility of this, make sure to chop the beef into tiny pieces your cat will easily swallow.

You can also offer your cat some beef as a treat for any successfully completed task or during the training for additional motivation for your cat.

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