Can Pumpkin Provide Your Cat With Some Benefits?

Can Pumpkin Provide Your Cat With Some Benefits?

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Pumpkin is one of our favorite foods, especially in the season of pumpkins. As a cat owner, you do know that cats are curious and will gladly want to try everything you are eating. If you were wondering: "Can cats eat pumpkin?" we are here to help you and answer all your questions. To give you the most precise and accurate answers, we talked to our veterinarian, that helped us understand everything about pumpkins and cats and whether or not you should share some of this delicious food with your cat.

Can cats eat pumpkins?

Cats can, in fact, eat pumpkin, but only if it's prepared the right way. In today's world, there is a lot of pumpkin-based food, and not all of them are safe for your cat to consume. You will first need to understand what types of pumpkin you can share with your cat not to cause any gastrointestinal distress to your cat.

Pumpkin is a very popular ingredient for many commercial cat food, and many brands like to include pumpkin in their food to provide that extra fiber your cat could need. However, as you may already know, cats are obligate carnivores, and their diet should consist of meat-based products.

That said, although pumpkin is healthy and safe for cats to eat, it will not offer as many benefits for your cat as it will offer to dogs. The most important thing that the pumpkin will offer your cat are fibers. Besides fibers, there are a lot of healthy nutrients your cat will get, but we need to mention that your cat will get them anyway with their well-balanced cat food.

Pumpkin contains these healthy ingredients

  • Fibers
  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Phosphorus
  • Water
  • Minerals
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin K

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What types of pumpkins can cats eat?

To protect your kitty, you must learn all the safe ways that you can offer her some pumpkin. You don't want your cat to start having gastrointestinal problems because you didn't do the homework and learn what type of pumpkin you can offer your cat.

Here are the most popular ways you can share pumpkin with your cat

1. Canned pumpkin

This is the best way to offer your kitty some pumpkin. Plain and canned pumpkin without added ingredients will suit your cat best. Start slowly and offer your cat a small amount to see if she will like it.

IMPORTANT: Some canned pumpkins can contain added ingredients, so you must be sure that you get the one without any for the cat's safety.

2. Raw pumpkin

Raw pumpkin is safe for cats to consume but can be hard to digest. A better option is to cook pumpkin and then offer her some. Take note that you should always remove stems, skin, and pulp and never feed them to your cat. They don't have any nutritional value and can cause problems for your kitty.

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3. Pumpkin seeds

At first, you may think that pumpkin seeds are dangerous for cats, but the truth is, they are safe and beneficial for your cat. Pumpkin seeds contain a lot of fibers and other nutrients that will boost your cat's immune system. You can choose to feed them whole or blend them and mix them up with your cat's regular kibble.

What pumpkin food should your cat avoid?

1. Pumpkin pie

Pumpkin pie is a very delicious food for humans, but this is not safe for cats. Pumpkin pies will have a lot of added sugars, milk, salts, and even some spices, and you shouldn't let your cat near them. If your cat gets a hold of some pumpkin pie, you can expect some gastrointestinal problems for your cat.

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How many pumpkins can cats eat?

Veteranians suggests adding pumpkin to your cat's diet if she has digestive problems such as diarrhea and constipation. In this case, pumpkin can help your cat regulate digestion and get back on track.

Our vet recommends you give your cat a tablespoon of pumpkin for starters and monitor your cat. You can gradually increase the amount of pumpkin you are giving your cat. Your vet can help you with servings.

WORLD CAT FINDER TIP: If your cat has great digestion and doesn't have any problems, adding pumpkin to her diet could possibly cause some upset. If this is the case with your cat, ask your vet for advice.

Can pumpkins be bad for your cat?

As with anything, too much of a good thing can cause problems. When giving your cat some pumpkin, you must remember that moderation is key. A small amount of pumpkin will benefit your cat, but if you overdo it, you can expect some problems, such as diarrhea.

The pumpkin should be treated as a treat your cat can get from time to time.

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Can pumpkin help my cat with weight loss?

The shortest answer is yes. Pumpkin will help your cat if she is battling obesity. Since pumpkins contain much more calories than your regular cat's food, cats will feel full and help battle weight problems. To regulate your cat's diet by adding pumpkin for weight loss, you must replace roughly 20-25% of your cat's regular food with pumpkin.

We advise you that you always speak to your vet whenever you want to make some changes in your cat's diet since they are professionals and can give you the best advice regarding your cat.

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