What To Do If Your Cat Eat Ants?

What To Do If Your Cat Eat Ants?

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Cats are animals that like to hunt, and maybe you have already noticed your cat hunting different bugs and insects in and outside your house. But did you ever catch your cat chasing and eating ants? At that moment, you most probably wondered why cats do that.

Is this something all cats do, or is it just your cat "weird?" The truth is that many cats will show this behavior, and we are here to tell you that, in most cases, you have nothing to worry about. Cats can eat ants, but you should still be careful to protect your cat. Here is all you need to know about cats and ants.

Can cats eat ants?

As you may know – ants are everywhere, and there could be a situation where your cat will start to chase and eat them. There are different reasons why your cat could start eating ants. The two most common ones are:

1. Your cat likes to chase and eat ants

2. Ants come on the cat food, and your cat eats them alongside her food

Ants are not toxic or bad for cats; nevertheless, your cat shouldn't eat too many of them. Also, there are some types of ants that cats should avoid, which can cause health problems for your cat.

We all know that cats need to eat proteins to survive. Don't be surprised when you learn that ants have many proteins in them, but for the cats to benefit from eating them, it will require that your cat consume too much ants, and at this point, eating ants will cause additional problems for your cat.

For your general knowledge, ants have

  • Protein
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Calcium
  • Proteins


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Why do cats like to eat ants?

Generally speaking, cats like to chase and catch things and animals. It is their genes, and they are the happiest when they are hunting and when they can finish the hunting process.

Cats could see ants as small animals they could easily hunt and, in the end, eat them as a prize. Allowing your cat to hunt and eat ants will serve as a great mental excercise for your cat.

IMPORTANT: If you allow your cat to chase and eat ants, you must secure that your cat doesn't eat too much of them since that could cause some health problems for her.

Are there some dangerous types of ants for our cats?

The most dangerous type o ants for your cat are – red ants. The reason why they are dangerous is that they will fight back if they feel under attack. If the red ant bites you, believe us that the feeling is rather unpleasant.

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What if my cat eats a dangerous type of ants?

If your cat eats one or two red ants, she will probably not experience any health problems, but don't be surprised if the fire ant bites your cat. They contain a substance called formic acid, which serves as a venom to disable or kill other insects.

After eating, your cat could experience irritation in the mouth.

If she eats many fire ants, your cat can experience more problems since more ants will fight back, bite the cat and release formic acid.

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Should you allow your cat to eat ants?

There is no reason why you should forbid your cat from eating ants. Unless there are some on your cat's food, and she doesn't like them. In this situation, you must find a way to keep ants away, so the cat can eat her meal in peace.

If you live in areas where red ants are present, you must protect your cat and not allow her to eat them. Red ants can cause many health problems for your cat, and it will not be a pleasant experience.

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What could happen to my cat if she eats too many ants?

Usually, this will not be much concern; in most cases, your cat will be all right. If your cat eats a lot of fire ants, she could feel discomfort in her mouth due to the formic acid. In some rare cases, your cat could start drooling excessively and have breathing problems, but these are not common symptoms.

Some cats can even have an allergic reaction to eating too many ants.


How can you keep ants away from your cat's food?

As we said earlier, there could be situations where the ants will come on your cat's food. Some cats will not care, but others can refuse to eat until there are no more ants in their food.

You must take proper steps to ensure no ants come near your cat food.

1. Cat food should be kept in a sealed container where the ants cannot enter

2. After eating, always wash your cat's bowl

3. Secure that there are no crumbs left on the floor after the meal

WORLD CAT FINDER TIP: Many owners have reported that putting water around the cat food bowl will keep the ants away, and the water will serve as a barrier that the ants will not be able to cross.

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