7 Orange Cat Breeds You Need to Know About

7 Orange Cat Breeds You Need to Know About

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Cats are amazing, and no matter which coat color your pet has, you can be sure they’ll make your life a lot more joyful. However, most of us have some type of coat color preference, and one of our favorite cat colors is orange. Ever since we saw Garfield as kids, we were drawn to orange cat breeds. The good news is that official cat standards allow loads of coat colors, so many breeds come in one of our favorite colors. We decided to bring you our 7 favorite orange cat breeds. Check out these fantastic little fluffballs.

1. Bengal

The first breed we will include on this list is the amazing Bengal cat. Not only do these cats have a wild appearance, but they also have fantastic temperaments. If you want to get a cat that appears as it belongs in the jungles of the Amazon but is as cute as a button, you should really consider the gorgeous Bengal.

bengal-cat orange

The ancestor of the Bengal cat is the Asian leopard cat, which is a natural wild hunter. In the 50s, you could simply walk into a pet store and buy one of these wild felines. After careful selective breeding, the orange color was introduced to the Bengal breed, which is why, today, we have amazing orange Bengal cats.

2. Maine Coon

Maine Coon should be on top of your list if you love big cats. These behemoths are the largest cat breed today. Mind you, they still can’t compare to lions or tigers, but they are the biggest domesticated cat breed. The good news is that these cats come in a striking orange tone.

orange maine coon

Maine Coons are natural hunters. They were widely used as mousers on Maine farms, where they helped farmers keep their farms free of mice and rats. However, modern-day Maine Coons are sweet and affectionate. They make fantastic family pets that will most likely hunt for a warm spot where they can catch a nap.

3. Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora is a longhaired cat breed that originated in the Ankara region in Turkey. These cats are absolutely stunning. They are soft and fluffy, and if you’re looking for a cuddling partner, the Turkish Angora can play that role pretty well. These longhaired cats come in all sorts of coat colors, and one of them is orange.

orange white turkish angora

Most Turkish Angoras are white, but since they were mixed with other cats, the gene for orange color was introduced. These days, you can find orange Turkish Angoras shown at cat shows or are already part of a family. Plus, some historians believe these cats were brought to Turkey by none other than the Vikings.

4. Persian

The Persian is probably the most famous longhaired cat breed in the world. These cats pushed all other longhaired breeds from Europe since their introduction. They arrived in Europe in the 17th century, and since then, cat owners have been fascinated by them. Plus, these graceful cats can be orange.

orange persian cat

Not only are Persians adorable, but they also have a fascinating history. These cats came to life in ancient Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilization. That means these cats are old, which is pretty cool if you love sharing your home with a cat that has been around for thousands of years.

5. Somali

One of our favorite cat breeds is the stunningly beautiful Somali. These cats have the appearance of little lions. They have long coats that give impressions of having a mane, which is something we want to see in our cats. The Somali comes in a deep, dark orange, and they absolutely pull it off.

orange somali cat

We can’t mention the Somali without mentioning the Abyssinian. The Somali breed comes from the Abyssinian. Cat breeders decided to breed the longhaired Abyssinian (Somali) as a separate breed. Luckily, they were very successful in their efforts, so today, we can enjoy the company of the amazing Somali breed.

6. Abyssinian

Naturally, the next breed we have to include is the Somali’s ancestor, the Abyssinian. These cats have shorter coats, but they can come in the gorgeous orange-striped coat. These cats have short, fine coats that are very soft. They have a mildly wild appearance, which we think is pretty cool in a pet.

Abyssinian cat orange

There were many theories about the origin of the Abyssinian, but the most likely one is that British merchants took some of these cats when they were visiting Southeast Asia in the 17th century. Genetic testing confirmed these cats originated in that area. Luckily, we can all enjoy the amazing Abyssinian, even in the fantastic orange color.

7. Devon Rex

Orange cats can be curly! That is what the fantastic Devon Rex taught us. These cats have soft curls all over their body, and sometimes, they come in a lively orange color. Plus, there are different shades of orange the Devon Rex comes in. That makes these cats pretty good-looking.

devon-rex orange

The Devon Rex is not the only curly breed, but we had to include it on this list because we are huge fans of the curly-coated cat breeds. These cats originated in Devon, England, where a spontaneous mutation happened, and a small kitten with curly hair was born. Luckily, Beryl Cox noticed the kitten and immediately fell in love. She established a breeding program, and today, we can thank her for this breed.

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