8 Maine Coon Facts That You Probably Didn't Know

8 Maine Coon Facts That You Probably Didn't Know

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Even if you are unfamiliar with different cat breeds, you have probably heard about Maine Coon. These cats are one of the most popular cat breeds in the world. Last year Maine Coon cats were in 5th place among the most popular cat breeds. Since they are so popular, we decided to bring you some of our favorite Maine Coon facts.

1. They are called "gentle giants. "

Maine Coons are giant cats, and that can come as a surprise for some people. Many people that see this cat for the first time are amazed by the size of Maine Coons. These cats can weigh between 9-19 lb and can be long 30-40 in.

They are not the giant cat breed, but their size is astonishing. These cats are called "gentle giants" because of their size and lovely temperament. These cats get along with people and other animals, and they enjoy their company.

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2. Interesting origins

Maine Coons were brought to America by the Vikings and European sailors who brought long-haired cats with them. Those cats were bred with native short-haired cats, and the Maine Coon Bred was developed.

FUN FACT: This cat breed is an official symbol of the state of Maine.

3. Maine Coons love water

These cats have dense, water-resistant fur and love spending time near and around water. Also, these cats love to play with water. This is strange since most people know cats are not so fond of water.

FUN FACT: Maine Coons are excellent swimmers who enjoy bath time more than your average cat.

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4. They are playful

These cats are curious and playful. Maine Coons love to play with their owners. They are highly intelligent cats, and you can train them to perform tricks and even learn commands. If you are an active cat owner, you will love this cat since it can learn to fetch.

5. They love winter

Maine Coons have dense and thick fur, with large paws that help them survive the winter. They were developed to live in cold areas, and they love winter. These cats even got a bushy tail thay can wrap around them to keep them warm.

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6. They were cloned

Maine Coon cats were cloned; specifically, a cat named Little Nicky became the first cat to be cloned. This happened in 2014 when the owner of Little Nicky decided to get her cat cloned after her original cat died at 17.

She paid 50 000 dollars for cloning, and according to her interviews, she was a pleased customer. Little Nicky II had a similar appearance and temperament as the original Little Nicky.

7. They were featured in Harry Potter movies

If you are a Harry Potter fanatic, you are familiar with Mrs. Norris – Argus Filch cat. Maine Coons are typically groomed and good-looking cats, but since J.K. Rowling described this cat in her book as messy, producers of the Harry Potter needed to use special effects and products to achieve an extra messy look for Mrs. Norris.

According to the producers, this cat wasn't so good for complex training orders, but she was great when she walked through the set. She also knew how to stop on command.

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8. Extra toes

These cats are known for having an extra toe. Early Maine Coons were mostly polydactyls, and that was a trait that was desirable for these cats. Extra toe helped them pad through the snow and also for catching mice. Over the years, this trait became less desirable, and when the Cat Fanciers disqualified polydactyls cats from the purebred cat show, many of these Maine Coons started to disappear.

There are still many polydactyls Maine Coons, but they are mostly not purebred. Although it seems to have some advantages, people generally didn't love these cats with an extra toe.


Maine Coons are one of the most famous cats, and we can see why. Now that you learned new facts about this fascinating cat breed, maybe you have decided that you want to share your home with one.

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