Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora is one of the most strikingly beautiful cats you can ever come across. They have soft coats as white as snow, so you shouldn’t be surprised they are beloved in their native land. However, they were used for building the Persian breed, which nearly drove the Turkish Angora to extinction. It is still considered rare, but luckily, their numbers are on the rise. Here are a few crucial things you might want to know about these cats.

Turkish Angora



Turkish Angora


5-9 lb

Turkish Angora


Ankara, Turkey

Turkish Angora

Life Expectancy:

12-18 years

Breed History

This is another naturally occurring breed whose exact origin is unknown. However, there are many theories, and certainly, their history is an interesting one. Some say these cats were brought to Turkey by the Vikings over 1.000 years ago. For hundreds of years, invaders and traders took these cats from Turkey and brought them back to Europe. Some theorize this is the first longhaired breed that arrived in Europe. Whatever the truth might be, we know that the number of these cats fell drastically. They were saved because the Ankara Zoo created a breeding program and saved the breed from extinction.

turkish angora kitten

Cat Breed Characteristics

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General Health

The Turkish Angora is a beautiful cat. Their characteristics set them apart from all other breeds. If you ever get the chance to see one in person, you will undoubtedly notice the traits that make them so attractive. Here are some of the specific characteristics of the Turkish Angora cats.


One of the most impressive characteristics of this breed is its silky coat. These cats are longhaired, and their coat seems to shimmer as they move. The Angora has a single coat, so matting and tangles do not happen to them too often.

white turkish angora

Coat color

Most cat fanciers think Angora is a pure white cat. Most Turkish Angoras indeed come in white, but they can also appear in other solid colors and patterns. Some of the patterns you might notice are calico, tabby, and tortoiseshell.


Another important thing, especially for future owners, is Angora’s size. These are small-to-medium-sized cats that are usually 5 - 9 pounds. According to most sources in the feline world, the length of the cat is only described as “medium.”


Another thing that defines a breed is a fairly known temperament. Cats from the same breed usually have very similar temperaments, and they can pass their character traits to their offspring. The Turkish Angora is intelligent and very athletic. These cats are very playful even in their old age, which is why it takes them so long to fully mature. They love having your attention, even if they have to grab it by doing something that will get them into trouble. They can be described as determined and a bit stubborn. Once they set their minds on how they should behave, it can be pretty hard to change or revert their behavior. They are sociable and prefer households that already have pets that might keep them company.

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No matter what type of cat you have at home, chances are they are prone to specific health conditions. After studying the breed for quite some time, Turkish Angora owners and vets noticed these cats are prone to particular issues. Some of those issues are;

  • Ataxia - Ataxia is a neuromuscular disorder that affects kittens. It is deadly. Luckily, selective breeding reduced the number of cases.
  • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy - This condition causes the heart to grow in size. The heart’s functions and effectiveness are reduced.

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