10 Amazing Black Cat Breeds

10 Amazing Black Cat Breeds

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There aren’t many animals with as bad of a reputation as black cats. A few centuries ago, a rumor was started that witches have black cats. Even today, black cats are less likely to get adopted from a shelter because people believe they bring bad luck. The truth is that if witches did own black cats, that would only prove one thing - witches had impeccable taste.

Black cat breeds are absolutely stunning. They are elegant, and they bring joy and happiness to their owners. They have an amazing coat color as dark as night and as elegant as the finest tuxedo. At World Cat Finder, we absolutely love black cat breeds. Here are our 10 favorite black cat breeds.

1. Bombay

We have to start this list with the fantastic Bombay breed. The Bombay was created to achieve specific coat color in this cat breed. Its creator, Nikki Horner, wanted to breed a cat breed that looks like the black panther. The result was the amazing Bombay that comes only in black color.

bombay cat on grass

2. Persian

The Persian breed is one of the most popular cat breeds worldwide. They are cuddly, calm, and outgoing, but only with their family. These cats will love their owner’s attention, but only under their conditions. They are a better fit for households without active toddlers and will get along great with lazy dogs. Plus, they come in black.

black persian cat

3. Maine Coon

Maine Coons are one of our favorite breeds, no matter which color they come in. These cats are large, muscular, and overall impressive. They look amazing in orange, bi-color, calico, and especially in black. They make fantastic active pets that will love being with their family. These cats can grow to 4 feet, making them the largest cat breed in the world.

black maine coon

4. Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex is a charming cat breed that comes in all sorts of colors, and one of the most elegant ones is, of course, black. These cats come from Cornwall, England, and they have curly coats. Cornish Rexes were a happy accident because their curly-coated mutation came from a shorthaired tortoiseshell and white pet cat. They are pretty active and playful well into their adulthood.

black Cornish Rex

5. Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat is one of the largest cat breeds out there. They are a product of natural selection, so only the biggest and strongest cats mated and survived. Like many other breeds, they come in all sorts of coat colors and patterns, but one of the best-looking ones is black. They have a rugged appearance and a sweet character.

black Norwegian Forest Cat

6. Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold has many unique and wonderful characteristics. The most dominant one is their folded ears. The charming Scottish Fold is mostly blue (grey), but some cats can sport a fabulous black coat. Their thick coats go really well in that color, and if we had a chance to choose, we’d definitely go for a black-coated Scottish Fold.

black scottish fold kitten

7. Exotic

The Exotic breed has a unique coat; it has a texture like a teddy bear’s coat. These cats have adorable faces, and one of the colors they come in is black. They make ideal pets for all owners that love peace and quiet. Exotics are relatively quiet, docile, and love nothing more than spending time in their owner’s lap. However, like their cousins, the Persians, they are not the ideal choice for homes with active toddlers and pets that will bother them.

black Exotic

8. Manx

The Manx is a breed from the Isle of Man, and it has many great traits that make them unique in the cat world. These cats are somewhat old, and the Isle of Man is known for its tailless cats. The Manx has a unique character trait that earned them the nickname “Watchcats.” These cats are extremely alert and share many characteristics with watchdogs.

Manx cat

9. American Shorthair

The American Shorthair is the most popular pureblooded cat breed in the US. These cats are charming, loyal, and superb hunters. It is believed that American Shorthair’s ancestors came to the US on Mayflower, where they served as mousers and general vermin control. This is precisely the job they were entrusted with in the “New World.” Plus, American Shorthairs come in a beautiful black color.

black American Shorthair

10. Ragamuffin

The Ragamuffin is Ragdoll’s descendant. After the Ragdoll’s creator started to impose strict rules on breeding that breed, many breeders decided to step away from the breed and create a similar one that would share many of its ancestor's traits. The Ragamuffin is a fantastic family pet that makes a fantastic lap cat. Plus, it comes in a gorgeous black color.


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