Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold has a pretty self-explanatory name - It comes from Scotland and has folded ears. These cats are absolutely fantastic. They are somewhat rare in the US and Europe, but if you have a chance of getting one of these cats, we strongly suggest you take the chance and get one. They make fantastic family companions and are great to have around your home. Here’s what you should know about the Scottish Fold cat breed.

Scottish Fold


10 - 12 in

Scottish Fold


6 -13 lb

Scottish Fold



Scottish Fold

Life Expectancy:

11 - 14 years

Breed History

The Scottish Fold is not the oldest cat breed in the world. In fact, their history starts in 1961 with a barn cat called Susie that had folded ears. Susie lived on a Scottish farm where she was entrusted with vermin control. She had a fantastic hunting instinct, which is a trait that still remains with modern-day Scottish Folds. Susie mated with a local tomcat, and her kittens were noticed by a shepherd William Ross, who loved cats.

scottish fold licking

One of Susie’s kittens was paired with a British Shorthair and produced kittens that were used as the foundation for the modern-day breed. Many cat breeders were fascinated by the kittens that resulted from Susie’s genetic mutation. Soon, they established a breeding line and a breed we now know as Scottish Fold.

Cat Breed Characteristics

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The most dominant characteristic everyone will immediately notice is Scottish Fold’s folded ears. However, there is a lot more to these cats than just their ears. These cats have rounded heads, eyes, and their whole body shape has a round appearance. Here are some of the other characteristics cat lovers should be aware of.


We cannot talk about the Scottish Fold breed without mentioning its soft coat. This is another thing most of us will immediately notice. These cats’ dense coats have plushy textures, and it comes in two varieties - short and long. It is incredibly soft, which makes them fantastic cuddling partners.

grey scottish fold

Coat color

Another thing that will define a breed is its coat color. The Scottish Fold comes in nearly all available colors and coat patterns. Some of these cats can even be white. They usually have an eye color that will match their coat color.


Another important thing for future Scottish Fold owners is the cat’s size. You don’t want to end up with a cat that is too large for your home. Most adult cats are 6 - 13 pounds and reach a length of 10 - 12 inches. These cats are considered medium-sized.


Scottish Fold’s looks are important, but their temperament will make them fantastic family pets. Luckily, these cats have lovely temperaments that make them great family pets. The Scottish Fold breed is playful, fairly intelligent, curious, playful, and moderately active. They will enjoy playing with teasing toys, and with little effort, you can teach your cat tricks. They love posing in weird areas, so don’t be surprised if you see your cat in weird positions in weird places.

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Despite the efforts of responsible cat breeders, a few potential health issues remain in this breed. They are generally considered a healthy breed, and they have a lifespan of 11 - 14 years. Some of the potential health issues these cats can develop are;

  • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy - A common heart condition in different breeds. The generic component for this breed was not confirmed yet.
  • Degenerative joint disease - These cats have joints prone to deterioration. You should keep an eye on all of your cat’s joints, not just the tail.

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