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One of the first things about the Birman breed most people say is that this breed is also called the "Sacred Cat of Burma." However, that is not the most interesting part about them....
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If you love the Persian, but you simply don’t have the time or hate grooming, the Exotic might be the right choice for you. These cats were bred to meet all the Persian’s charact...
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There aren’t many cats as classy and elegant as the amazing Persian. This reasonably popular breed makes a fantastic lap cat if you’re patient enough. These cats are known to be...
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When it comes to ideal cats for families with kids, the Ragdoll should be a fairly strong candidate. These striking blue-eyed cats are mild-mannered, intelligent, and absolutely gorgeous. Th...
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Turkish Van

If you love rare cat breeds, you might be interested in the Turkish Van. These cats are considered rare even in their native Turkey. If you take one look at them, you will realize how absolu...
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