What Types Of Salmon Can Cats Eat?

What Types Of Salmon Can Cats Eat?

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Salmon is in the top 3 seafood that people like to consume, alongside tuna and shrimps. You already know all the health benefits that salmon can offer us, but what about our cats? If you were eating salmon and your cat stood there with her eyes looking at you, you probably wondered: "Can cats eat salmon?". If it benefits us, it must offer some benefits for our cats, too, isn’t that right?

Before giving your cat some salmon from your table, ensure that you know it is safe, how to properly feed them and what to avoid. Let's start.

Can cats eat salmon?

Cats can eat salmon, which is very good for their health. Since salmon contains many healthy nutrients, your cat can benefit from eating it. But before you start feeding your cat salmon, ensure you know the best ways to serve salmon for your kitty. Of course, we always advise you to talk to your vet before introducing anything new to your cat's diet and get his approval.

What will salmon offer to my cat?

Salmon is known as one of the healthiest seafood out there. It can offer our cats and us various healthy nutrients to boost health.

Salmon is packed with:

  • Omega 3 fatty aids
  • High protein
  • Vitamin b6
  • Vitamin b12
  • Selenium
  • Niacin
  • Potassium

All these nutrients can boost your cat's system, but you must understand that cats cannot live off salmon. Cats are obligate carnivores and need meat in their diet. Salmon will be a great addition to their diet to get extra nutrients in their regular diet.


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Types of salmon cats can eat

As you may know, there are different way salmon can be prepared for eating. Humans can consume all types of salmon, but cats should only eat those that are safe for them and those that will offer the best nutritional value to their health.

1. Cooked salmon

This is the best and the most usual way you want to feed your cat. Before offering a cooked salmon to your cat, make sure to remove the head, fins, and all the bones to make it extra safe for your kitty. With cooked salmon, there is almost no risk your cat will experience health problems.

WORLD CAT FINDER TIP: When cooking salmon for your cat, we advise you not to overcook it since this may lead to the loss of some healthy nutrients, but this salmon will still be safe for cats to consume.

We asked our vet expert what she wants to let you guys know about feeding cooked salmon to your kitty, and this is what she said:

“Often, many cat parents ask me if they can give leftovers of their cooked salmon. The answer is no. Since we (humans) like to spice our salmon with many different sauces, this will not be safe for cats to consume, and they could end up with gastrointestinal issues.”
“The only way to give your cat cooked salmon is plain, without any additional ingredients or spices. That way, you can ensure that she will not experience health problems.”


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Types of salmon cats shouldn't eat

As we said earlier, cooked salmon is the best option for your cat to consume, but let's look at all the other ways people like to prepare their salmon. These types are not advised for cat nutrition, and you shouldn't give any to your cat.

1. Raw

Cats can generally eat raw salmon, but we advise you not to do it. Raw salmon can cause some gastrointestinal issues for your cat. Of course, there is a possibility that raw salmon has some bacteria that can cause many problems for your kitty. By cooking, all the bacteria will disappear, and because of that, cooked salmon is the best option.

2. Canned

In most cases, canned salmon is not plain and comes with many different ingredients and spices. Since we all know that spices can be extremely toxic to cats, it is best if you don't feed your cat with canned salmon.

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3. Smoked

Again, generally speaking, cats can eat smoked salmon, but as we all know, when we prepare smoked salmon, we like to spice it up with some spices and sauces. As we stated earlier, those spices and sauces can be extremely dangerous and, in some cases, even toxic for cats, so it is best if you don't offer this type of salmon to your kitty.

smoked salmon

Can cats eat salmon skin?

Salmon skin is pretty healthy since it contains omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. In some cases, these fatty acids are higher in the skin than in the salmon meat. So you can offer salmon with skin, but you need to be careful if you own a cat with a sensitive stomach since she could experience gastrointestinal disbursement. If you notice any signs of disturbment in your cat, you shouldn’t offer her salmon skin. 

How much to offer my cat?

After your vet gives you the green light, start slowly. Offer your cat only a tiny piece of cooked salmon and watch for her reaction. Most cats will like the taste, but don't be surprised if your cat will not want to eat it.

If your cat seems to like the cooked salmon, you can now offer her from time to time to enrich her diet. Your vet will suggest the amount of cooked salmon you can offer her, not to disturb her regular diet but also so your cat will get all the benefits from salmon.

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What about salmon supplements for my cat?

In today's world, fish oil supplements are trendy for humans, cats, and dogs. Adding salmon supplements to your cat's diet could be a good idea, and it could benefit your cat, but before doing so, check with your vet. Depending on your cat and her general health, your vet will let you know if this is the best for your cat at the moment.

IMPORTANT: Note that adding the salmon supplement to your cat's diet shouldn't decrease the food your cat receives daily. She will still need her regular kibble to get all the important nutrients into her system.

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