Reasons Why Your Shouldn't Share Marshmallows With Your Cat

Reasons Why Your Shouldn't Share Marshmallows With Your Cat

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Marshmallows are one of our favorite summertime snacks. Some people like to eat them alone, while others prefer to burn them to a crisp. No matter what type you are, we are sure you enjoy eating them. Naturally, you would assume that the same applies to our cats.

Well, not so fast. Although marshmallows are all right for us to eat, our cats should avoid them. So, if you ever wondered: "Can cats eat marshmallows?" the answer might surprise you.

Marshmallows will not cause toxicity for your cat, but given the fact that all the unhealthy nutrients that marshmallows consist of, your cat should stay away from them if you want to preserve her health.

Why are marshmallows bad for cats?

As we all know, cats need a good and healthy diet to survive, meaning they need many proteins in their diet. The first thing why marshmallows are bad for your cat is because they will not offer any nutritional value to your cat, and as we always say, if something doesn't offer benefits, why would you give it to your cat?

Marshmallows are packed with sugars that can quickly disrupt your pet's health. Eating sugary food will cause obesity, and obesity is a serious problem many cats suffer from.

Besides sugars, marshmallows have a high sodium content, and this is not something you should actively add to your cat's diet.

Last but not least, marshmallows are a choking hazard. Their structure and size can cause real damage to your cat, and there were reported cases where cats started to choke even after trying to eat a smaller piece of marshmallow.

GOOD TO KNOW: Most cats will not be interested in marshmallows in the first place, but to be completely sure that your cat will not try to eat some, you should keep marshmallows far away from her.


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What should I do if my cat eats marshmallows?

The first and most important thing is to not panic. If you start to panic, you will only create more problems. If you notice that your cat grabbed some marshmallows, you should check her for choking. This is the biggest instant threat connected to cats and marshmallows. In case of choking, call your vet and follow his instructions.

If your cat has already swallowed the marshmallow, you should closely monitor your cat for any signs or symptoms of problems. If she only grabbed a small number of marshmallows, in most cases, she would be all right and will not experience any problems.

Our advice would be to contact your vet to ensure that your cat is good and that she will not experience any health problems. Your vet will give you detailed instructions about the things you should do to protect your cat.


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How to keep my cat away from marshmallows?

We know that accidents will happen, but we must ensure that we do all we can to prevent bad things from happening. That said, you should always monitor your cat, especially if you handle human food or other ingredients that could be bad or toxic for your cats.

The best prevention is to keep your cat far away from those things. Again accidents can happen in no time, and if they do, you must remain calm and focus on helping your cat.

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