Why You Need To Add Celery To Your Cat's Diet?

Why You Need To Add Celery To Your Cat's Diet?

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Celery is considered healthy food for humans, but what about cats? Can cats eat celery? Will celery offer some benefits to your cat, or should you avoid giving your cat celery? These questions may come to your mind when you think about sharing some celery with your cat, so let's start.

Can cats eat celery?

The shortest possible answer is yes – cats can safely eat celery, and celery will offer many healthy nutrients for your pet. Since humans get many health benefits from celery, the same applies to cats. Celery cannot replace primary cats' diet, but it can be a great addition to their dry cat food.

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Is celery good for cats?

If fed in moderation, celery is entirely safe and suitable for cats. Celery is packed with healthy nutrients that will enrich your cat's diet.


Healthy nutrients that can be found in celery are:

  • Vitamins
  • Fibers
  • Water
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Iron
  • Sodium

All these nutrients can do wonders to your cat's overall health. Some vets suggest that celery can be an appetite stimulant if your cat has eating problems.

Is celery bad for cats?

Generally speaking, celery is safe and suitable for cats, but only if fed in moderation. Cat could have digestive problems if you overfeed her with celery. But also, that would indicate that your cat didn't eat the required amount of dry cat food.

You should treat celery as a treat you can occasionally give your cat to "spice up" her diet.

When giving celery to your cat, wash it and cut it into smaller pieces. Big chunks of celery can pose a choking hazard to your cat, especially if you own a smaller cat.

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How to feed your cat with celery?

Most cats will like to eat it raw since cats love crunchy things. If your cat isn't a fan of crunchy food, you can offer her some celery leaves, and your cat will surely enjoy them.


You can give celery directly to your cat or mix it in a bowl with her regular food.

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Can cats eat cooked celery?

Cooked celery is perfectly safe for cats to consume, but take note that by cooking, celery will lose the majority of healthy nutrients and won't offer that many beneficial nutrients to your cat. It is entirely up to your if you will feed your cat with raw or cooked celery.

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How much celery can I give to my cat?

Celery should be treated as a treat you occasionally give to your cat. Treats shouldn't exceed 10% of your cat's daily food intake. Your cat must regularly consume dry food to get all the nutrients she needs in a day.

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