All About Sharing Potatoes With Your Cat

All About Sharing Potatoes With Your Cat

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Potatoes are one of the most famous human food. We use potatoes in many different dishes because of how good they taste. They can be fried, boiled, roasted, or mashed. But what about cats? Can cats eat potatoes? The answer to this question is not so simple, so we must dig a little deeper.

Can cats eat potatoes?

Let's put it simply – cats can eat potatoes, but only in moderation and occasionally. You probably already know cats are obligate carnivores and don't need potatoes in their regular diet. Cats will get all essential nutrients from their well-balanced cat food. If you are determined to feed your cat with potatoes, you should only give them peeled and roasted potatoes without any spices.

Can cats eat sweet potatoes?

In general, cats can eat sweet potatoes. This type is not toxic to cats since there is no solanine, but there are much better options for your cat. Sweet potatoes are one of the ingredients of commercial cat food, and there is no reason you should give your cat extra sweet potatoes since they will not provide any additional benefits.

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Can cats eat raw potatoes?

Raw potatoes contain solanine, which is highly toxic to cats, so cats should never eat raw potatoes. Besides solanine, raw potatoes are hard to digest for your cat and can cause choking. If you suspect your cat has eaten raw potatoes, you should immediately call your vet and get to the nearest vet clinic.

Can cats eat cooked potatoes?

Cooked potatoes are safe for cats to consume. During cooking solanine substance, is destroyed, and there is no risk for your cat. But remember that you should never give your cat cooked potatoes with extra spices or toppings. In most cases, those spices will be harmful to your cat.

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Can cats eat mashed potatoes?

As with cooked potatoes, the same rule applies to mashed potatoes. They are safe for cats to consume. You can put mashed potatoes over the cat's dry food to "spice" it up. This food will not offer nutritional benefits to your cat, but if you are determined to give your cat some potatoes, mashed potato is the best and safest option.

Fried potatoes and potato chips

Both fried potatoes and potato chips should be avoided by your cat. Since they have a high level of sodium and a lot of fat content, they are not safe for cats to consume. You should call your vet and schedule a meeting if your cat ingests any of these potatoes.


Will my cat have benefits from potatoes?

This delicious human food doesn't offer any particular nutritional benefit for your cat since felines will get all the essential nutrients they need from the well-balanced cat food. Since this is the case, giving your cat a potato should be avoided, but if you can't help yourself, you need to give potatoes to your cat in moderation, and of course, potatoes should be adequately prepared, as we said earlier.

Potatoes are high in carbohydrates, and if you feed your cat with potatoes, you must be very careful since it could lead to obesity and, in some cases, diabetes.

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Cats can eat some types of potatoes, and if you are determined to give your cat some, you must be sure you know the safest types. Since potatoes will not offer your cat any additional benefits from a nutritional standpoint, there is no reason why you should feed your cat with potatoes. If you want to spice your cat's diet, there are far more healthy treats you can give your cat than potatoes.

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