Cat Sploot - Strange Position With Purpose

Cat Sploot - Strange Position With Purpose

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If you’re a cat owner, you probably already noticed your beloved cat has some weird behavior. Mind you, it is only weird until you look a bit deeper and understands why cats do what they do. One of the modern terms for a particular cat behavior is called splooting. If you’re like us, you probably wondered, “What is splooting?” and why do cats do it?

Cats are an eternal inspiration, so it is not a huge surprise they found their way into modern society. In recent years, meme-ing has become one of the major ways younger generations communicate. One of the terms the meme-ing internet community coined is splooting. Here’s what it means and possible reasons cats do it.

What is splooting?

You might have seen your cat lay flat on its belly and have all four legs stretched. Their hind legs are stretched behind them and their front legs in front of them. There was no exact term that described this particular way a cat could lay on its belly, so the internet came up with the term splooting. The easiest way to define it is - when a cat is laying flat on its belly with all four legs stretched.

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It is pretty easy to find pictures of cats splooting, and trust us, you will not regret looking for them. Websites like LOLcats or 9GAG are absolutely full of these funny cat memes. If you are a cat lover, you will not regret looking them up. However, the viewer’s discretion is advised. Some jokes and humor on there can be pretty dark.

Why do cats sploot?

There are different behaviors we simply cannot understand when it comes to our feline companions. Their behavior can seem weird and totally unreasonable at moments. Splooting is definitely one of those behaviors. Naturally, we were immediately interested in learning about it and decided to find the answer to the question, “Why do cats sploot?” Here are some of the possible reasons cats might sploot;

1. Stretching

The first possible reason cat behaviorists think cats might sploot is to simply stretch their bodies. It is similar to when we wake up, and a stretch just feels so good. Your cat might lay flat on the ground and stretch all of its legs just because. Your cat wanted to stretch, so it did.

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2. Cooling

That part of your cat’s body holds all of its major organs, and its coat is a bit thinner on its belly. If it’s hot outside and your cat sploots on cold tiles, it is possible the cold tiles or floor help them cool off. This is similar to when we feel hot and rest underneath the AC. Mind you, we know that is not the healthiest idea ever, and our necks got stiff many times because of that, but it just feels so good. Your cat might be hot, and it decided the cool floor might be the easiest way to cool itself.

3. Comfort

Another possible reason is - comfort. Perhaps this type of behavior is nothing more than just a comfortable position your cat likes to stay in. Humans are the same; some of us sleep on our backs, and some prefer on the side. Your cat might feel comfortable splooting on the floor or bed, and there’s nothing more to it.

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Are there other terms I should be aware of?

The pet-loving internet community is full of words they created to describe pets, especially cats, dogs, and birds. In fact, most of the animal-related memes are written in broken English. It is a way of describing what our cute companions might sound if they could talk. These communities are in millions, and you might have fun discovering them. However, some older generations cannot relate to the humor or how these communities function.

Some of the interesting terms are “baffing” and “loafing.” Loafing is a term that describes cats laying on their bellies with all four legs tucked underneath them, giving the impression of a loaf of bread. Baffing is a term that comes from “bathing,” but it actually describes a cat grooming itself in a funny way. You can try these terms out for yourself and see how you feel about them.

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