Reasons Why You Should Never Offer Onions To Your Cat

Reasons Why You Should Never Offer Onions To Your Cat

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There will be many situations where you will, as a cat owner, share your food with your cat. The main problem with sharing human food with cats is that owners often don't know what food and ingredients are safe for cats to consume, and which can cause many problems, including toxicity and death.

Onions are one human food that should never be offered to cats. We use onions in many different dishes and can get many health benefits from eating them. Unfortunately, the same thing doesn't apply to our cats. Even a small amount of ingested onion can cause toxicity in cats, and because of that, you must be very careful.

IMPORTANT: Most cats will not find raw onion interesting, and the risk of them eating a raw onion is almost equal to zero. The main problem arises if you share human food with your cat that contains onions.

Why are onions toxic to cats?

Cats are extremely sensitive to onions, and even a small piece can cause them many problems. Onion is extremely toxic to cats, and you should take it seriously if you suspect your cat has ingested any onion.

When we talk about cats and onions, many will instantly think about raw onions. The truth is that most cats will not be tempted to try raw onions.

Different types of onions can cause toxicity to your cat and include

  • Onion powder
  • Cooked onions
  • Onion salts
  • Dried onions

Many human foods contain onions, and you must be very careful if you decide to share some with your cat.

IMPORTANT: Onion toxicity can, in some cases, even be fatal for your cat.

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What are the symptoms of onion toxicity?

Whenever cats eat something they shouldn't, the easiest way to recognize that your cat is experiencing health problems is to watch for symptoms. Every cat is different and could show different symptoms if they are experiencing onion toxicity.

In general, these are well-known symptoms that most cats will show if they somehow manage to eat onions

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • General weakness
  • Problems with breathing
  • Depression
  • Pale gums
  • Increased heart rate
  • Blood in the urine
  • Panting
  • Collapsing
  • Lethargy

If you suspect your cat has ingested onions and she shows any of these symptoms, you should immediately contact your vet and rush to the clinic. In this situation, every minute is important to preserve your cat's health.


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Are any types of onions safe for cats to consume?

Loud and clear – no. All types of onions are toxic for cats, and you shouldn't allow your cat near them. We would always advise you to keep it simple and only offer the cat food you can be sure is safe. Here is one useful article where you can learn what human food you can safely share with your cat - 24 Human Foods You Can Safely Offer To Your Cat

What to do if your cat has eaten onions?

If you know that your cat has eaten onions, you should immediately take action, even if she doesn't show any symptoms. The tricky part about onion toxicity is that the symptoms can show a few days after ingestion; at that point, it could already be too late to save your cat.

If you notice that your cat has eaten onions, you should immediately call your vet and rush to the nearest clinic. Every minute is important to save your cat's life. Many cat owners will try to induce vomiting in their cats, and we advise you not to do it since you can only create more problems for your cat. It would help if you let professionals take it from there.


What is a treatment for cats if they eat onions?

The treatment can vary depending on the amount of onion your cat has ingested. In most cases, your vet will induce vomiting in your cat if your cat has recently ingested onions.

The second step is taking a blood sample to understand better how many problems onions cause to your cat.

When your vet has a full picture of the symptoms, blood tests, etc., he will set the right treatment for your cat. Some cats can have oxygen therapy, while others will need IV fluids and blood transfusion.

If you managed to get to your vet quickly after your cat has ingested onions, chances of recovery are high, and because of that is important that you react quickly.

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