Why Do Cats Nest?

Why Do Cats Nest?

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Nesting behavior in cats is completely normal if your cat prepares to deliver her kittens. This is something that all pregnant cats will do in some part of their pregnancy. The most usual time you can notice your cat nesting is a few days before the delivery.

As a breeder, you must understand all the signs and potential dangers connected to cats' pregnancy and nesting to jump in and help your cat in an emergency. We would always advise you to talk to your vet and let him guide you through the cat's pregnancy. That way, you can ensure that everything will go as planned.

Why do cats nest?

Nesting is a cat's behavior deeply written in their genes. Whenever the cat is about to deliver her kittens, she will have to find a proper and safe place. That way, she will ensure that her babies will be safe from predators. This behavior is mostly connected to cats living outside, and they must find a proper location to deliver their kittens.

Different hormones will cause nesting in cats and don't be surprised if you notice that your cat is taking a piece of clothing and taking it to the nesting place. Many breeders will provide their female cats with a nesting box, but this doesn't have to be anything fancy.

It is only important to ensure that your cat has a safe, warm, and secure place to deliver her babies. For some, one big box with many blankets will do the trick.

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Symptoms of nesting in cats?

When a female cat starts to nest, you can be sure that she will soon start to deliver her kittens. There are a few signs you can notice that will indicate nesting behavior in cats, and they include

  • Taking blankets and clothes to the nesting area
  • Excessive vocalization
  • Clinginess
  • Pacing

What should you do if your cat starts to nest?

If you notice your cat nesting, she is preparing for delivery. The first thing you should do is to call your vet and update him on the current status. He will instruct you about your next moves.

You should never forbid your cat to nest since this is their natural process in the pregnancy phase. You need to ensure that you are ready for kittens and have everything they will need. If you are still determining what exactly is required, ask your vet to make you a list of all the important things you will need for the kittens.


What to do if your cat is pregnant?

If you are a breeder and your cat is pregnant, this was probably planned, and you are looking forward to taking care of your kittens. Make sure you have everything you need to provide proper care for the female cat and her kittens.

If your cat managed to get pregnant but not on purpose, here is where problems can arise. Often, unwanted pregnancies will happen to cats, and their owners will not know what to do or how to care for their kittens.

In this situation, you will have to organize yourself and talk to your vet. Find the best solution for your cat and her kittens to ensure good health for all of them.

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Can I prevent cat nesting?

Nesting will occur in pregnant cats, and it isn't much you can do to prevent this from happening if your cat is pregnant, but you shouldn't even try to prevent it. This is a natural cat behavior, and you have to let your cat prepare for delivery.

If you own a female cat and you are not a breeder who plans to breed her, we advise you to spay your cat. That way, you will remove the possibility of unwanted pregnancy and nesting.

If you own a female spayed cat, and you notice nesting behavior, your cat could have a uterine infection, and you must contact your vet immediately for your vet to set the right treatment for your cat.

This is an extremely rare situation that the spayed female cat will start to nest, but it can certainly happen.

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