Gabapentin For Cats & Why You Should Use It

Gabapentin For Cats & Why You Should Use It

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There could be a time in your cat's life when you must give her proper meds to ease her pain. If your cat ever has a problem with chronic pain, stressful situations, or anxiety problems, look no further because Gabapentin is the best choice for your cat.

This is a safe and effective drug many owners like giving their cats to feel better. These meds can treat many problems, and it is reported to be highly effective by many cat owners. Today you will learn all about Gabapentin for cats and all the benefits and potential side effects your cat could experience. Let's start.

What is Gabapentin for cats?

Gabapentin was first created to cure seizures in humans. Still, shortly after, it was discovered that this medication could help with a lot more, including treating chronic pain and anxiety. This medication works by blocking receptors that are responsible for the transmission of pain signals.

Gabapentin is safe for cats to consume, and it has been proven to be highly effective. If Gabapentin is administered in the correct dosage, side effects are pretty rare.

How can Gabapentin help my cat?

There are many known positive effects that Gabapentin can offer our cats. This is not just something we say because we tested this, and the results were great.

Gabapentin for cats can help with

  1. Different health problems cause chronic pain
  2. Reduce or completely eliminate stress and anxiety from cats
  3. Treat seizures
  4. In some cases, this drug can be prescribed for treating epilepsy

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No matter what health problem is bothering your cat, Gabapentin will do the work and help her. One World Cat Finder team member has a cat that is scared of vets, and her anxiety kicks in right away once she sees the vet's office.

To help her, we administered her Gabapentin 2 hours before we had to go, and the results were excellent. Cat didn't show any signs of stress or anxiety, and this was finally a great vet experience for the cat and her owner.

Gabapentin for cats' side effects

If Gabapentin is administered in the recommended dosage, side effects are rarely present. In some cases, your cat could experience lethargy or disorientation, but this is only temporary and will disappear fast.

Some owners have reported that their cats vomited after taking this medication, although this symptom is rare.

To secure that your cat will not experience any side effects from taking Gabapentin, you must listen to your vet and only give her the correct dosage. Most side effects will happen when the owners don't follow the recommended dosage.

How many types of Gabapentin are there?

Gabapentin comes in three forms – tablers, capusles and liquid. Your vet will suggest the best type for your cat.

This medication can be given to the cat with or without food, although your cat could experience vomiting if you give her Gabapentin on an empty stomach. In this situation, it is best if your offer this med with food the next time.

Since Gabapentin doesn't have a strong taste or smell, cats have no problems ingesting it, especially if you give them this med with food.

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What is the correct dosage?

Depending on the condition and the main reason you are trying to eliminate, dosage and proper treatment can vary. Your vet will set you up with the right approach and dosage specifically designed for your cat.

Not all cats are the same, and they will all need different treatment levels and dosages. By not giving the proper dosage of Gabapentin to your cat, you can create more problems.

Are there any precautions?

You should be very careful if your cat has a chronic illness or health problems. Always talk to your vet about the meds you are about to offer your cat because some could do more harm than good.

IMPORTANT: You should never give meds to your cat without consulting with your vet first. There could be a situation where certain meds can cause problems for your cat, especially if she has some underlying problem.

If your cat has kidney problems or is allergic, you should be very careful with Gabapentin. In most cases, your vet will not prescribe Gabapentin if your cat has renal problems since this medication is eliminated from the cat's body through the kidneys.

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How long does Gabapentin last in cats?

Gabapentin will start working quickly, within 1-2 hours from ingestion. The improvement for the cats will also happen pretty fast. Once it has been administered, the effects of this medication can last from 12-24 hours. It is pretty effective, don't you think?

Many owners have asked us when they should give Gabapentin to their cats before the upcoming stressful leave, and this will depend on your cat and her level of problems. Usually, if you give your cat gabapentin 2 hours before the event, the med will start working, and your cat will get all the benefits.

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