Bravecto For Cats - Dosage & Side Effects

Bravecto For Cats - Dosage & Side Effects

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Protecting our cats from various health problems should be our number one concern as a cat owners. Owners often don't realize the dangers of fleas and ticks and don't ensure that their cats get the proper protection. One of the most lovable medications on the market that has proven to work is Bravecto for cats.

Flea treatment should be one of the first concerns you will have to solve as a cat owner. These nasty parasites can cause many health issues for your cat, and if your cat doesn't have proper protection, the chances are greater that your cat will experience them.

Below you will find all the necessary information about this Bravecto for cats, the correct dosage, and potential side effects to understand this medication before applying it to your cat.

What is Bravecto for cats?

Bravecto is a topical flea and ticks medication that will protect your cat against most parasites that are found in cats – fleas, black-legged and American ticks. It is a highly effective medication, and fleas will die only after 2 hours of admission. It is very easy to use with a “twist n use” tube, making it easy to apply.

Bravecto will protect your cat for three months and kill all fleas with an effective 98%. For the mentioned types of ticks – black-legged and American, Bravecto is a little less effective, with 95% effectiveness.

IMPORTANT: Effectiveness from Bravecto against ticks will drop around 8 weeks after administration.

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What is the correct dosage?

Bravecto can be used in cats older than nine weeks and with at least 2,6 lbs (1,2 kg). Otherwise, it is not recommended to use this medication.

The correct dosage will depend mostly on your cat's weight. This medication is available in three dosages for different weight groups.

  • 2.6 – 6.2 pounds
  • 6.2 – 13.8 pounds
  • 13.8 – 27.5 pounds

Ask your vet about the correct dosage if your cat weighs more than 27.5 lbs (12,5 kg). Our advice is to always talk to your vet whenever you want to medicate your cat. Since they know your cat's medical history, it will be much easier for them to give the best recommendation and advice regarding your cat.

Are there any side effects?

As with any medication, there could always be some side effects; the same applies to Bravecto. The most common side effect after using Bravecto is itching, although only a small percentage of cats could experience it.

Other side effects connected to Bravecto include

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Loss of hair
  • Loss of appetite
  • Lethargy
  • General weakness

If you notice any of the mentioned symptoms, you should contact your vet and seek advice. If your cat is experiencing serious symptoms, your vet will probably suggest that you stop using this medication. Serious symptoms are not so common, so you don't have to worry that your cat will experience them.

How effective is Bravecto for cats?

Bravo is highly effective in killing fleas with 98% of effectiveness. Even if your cat already has fleas, Bravecto will kill all the fleas on the cat after applying.

Don't be surprised if you find the dead tick in your cat's fur. Bravecto will do his job and will keep your cat secured.


How to apply Bravecto?

To ensure that you use it correctly and properly apply Bravecto, you must follow these steps.

  1. Remove Bravecto from the packing
  2. Twist the cap to break the seal
  3. Hold your cat tight
  4. Part the hair and apply Bravecto directly to her skin

It is best if you apply Bravecto to the skull's base so your cat won't be able to lick it.

IMPORTANT: For cats that weigh less than 14 lbs (6,25 kg), you should apply Bravecto in one spot, while for cats weighing more than  14 lbs (6,25 kg), in two spots.

What should you know before applying to Bravecto?

It is always advised that you speak to your vet before giving any new medication or flea and tick treatment to your cat. That way, you can ensure it will be the best for your cat.

Bravecto is pretty safe for cats to use, and many owners like it.

IMPORTANT: If you own a pregnant cat, you should speak with your vet before administering Bravecto since some vets could suggest that you don't use flea and tick treatment for your pregnant cat.

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