How Effective Is Apoquel For Cats?

How Effective Is Apoquel For Cats?

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Apoquel is an oral medication made to help dogs with dermatitis and other skin problems. It is a very popular med used for dogs. However, the usage of Apoquel for cats has yet to be approved by the FDA, and there are no correct dosages and charts.

Apoquel is used to treat skin problems in cats since most vets will know when and how it should be administered based on their knowledge and experience. The influence of this med on cats has been studied for years, and it proved to be quite effective in treating different skin diseases in cats, but unfortunately, still, there has yet to be an official acknowledgment or recommendations.

What is Apoquel for cats?

Apoquel is a med most commonly used to treat allergic skin diseases. The effects of these meds are tested, and they have proven their effectiveness when it comes to treating dogs, and the same applies to our cats.

Although they are not officially approved, most vets like to use Apoquel to treat various skin diseases in cats since they know how effective they are.

Why should skin diseases be treated immediately?

Skin diseases should be taken seriously, and many cat owners don’t ask for help until the disease is widely spread. Skin disease will cause much discomfort for your cat; in some cases, this state could be painful.

If left untreated, skin diseases could quickly lead to additional health issues for your cat, and it is your duty as a cat owner to find the best possible treatment for your cat to remove this problem from her life.

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Are there any side effects?

For starters, you must know that only dogs older than 12 months of age should use this med. The same should apply to our cats because young cats and kittens don’t have fully developed systems and are not fully protected, so to ensure good health, it is not advised to medicate younger cats with Apoquel.

Common side effects of using Apoquel include some GI problems, such as vomiting and diarrhea. They are the most commonly seen side effects when it comes to most meds, so if your cat exhibits some of them, you have nothing to worry about.

You must talk to your vet and listen to his advice if you want to reduce the possibility of any additional side effects. If your cat has some specific health issue, your vet, in most cases, will not prescribe Apoquel for her.

IMPORTANT: Apoquel should not be used in breeding, pregnant or lactating cats.

What is the correct dosage?

As we said earlier, there are no official dosage recommendations since the FDA didn’t approve this med to be used in cats. Regarding Apoquel and cats, you must listen to your vet and his recommendations on the correct dosage.

In most cases, your vet will know how much of Apoquel your cat should take for this med to take effect while also ensuring that nothing bad happens to her.

When it comes to dogs, the most common dosage is 2,7mg of Apoquel every twelve hours for the first fourteen days of usage. After that, dogs should take 2,7mg of Apoquel every 24 hours.

This dosage could be a great starting point for setting a good dosage for your cat, and in most cases, this dosage can be used for cats, also.

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What should you do after you give your cat Apoquel?

The most important thing you should do after administering your cat Apoquel is monitoring her closely and look for any unusual symptoms. In most cases, your cat will not show any symptoms, and the Apoquel will begin to work.

However, if you do notice some strange symptoms, it is important that you immediately contact your vet and tell him exactly what is happening to your cat. Your vet will take it from there and will quickly suggest what you should do next.

How long does it take for Apoquel to take effect?

When it comes to dogs, owners should see gradual improvement even after the first 12 hours of starting therapy, and the same could apply to our cats.

It could be hard to answer this question correctly, but you can expect to see improvement in your cat within 24 hours from the first dose.

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