Albinism In Cats - Differences Between White Cats

Albinism In Cats - Differences Between White Cats

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Albinism can occur in all mammals, and that includes cats. If your cat is white, it doesn’t mean they are an albino cat. Albino cats are very rare, and you must understand that if you have an albino cat, she will require special care. Although they have beautiful appearances, they can be diagnosed with many health conditions. Stay with us, and we will explain albinism in cats, how to notice differences between albino and white cats, and how you should properly care for your albino cat.

Albinism in cats

Albino cats are not just white cats. This state is caused by a gene that is called TYR. This gene will determine the presence of an enzyme called tyrosinase that is needed for cats to produce melanin. If a cat misses a TYR gene, she will be an albino cat. A lack of melanin will make a cat albino.

Albino cat vs. white cat

Many cat lovers can’t distinguish the differences between albino and white cats. Although they may seem the same at first, a few things separate them. Albino cats can have skin that will appear pink and eyes that can be light blue to reddish pink. Albino cats don’t have pigment melanin that will allow them to have different color eyes.

The pink color of the skin that you see is, in reality, actually a blood flow, and the pink color from the eyes is blood vessels. In comparison to them, white cats can have any color of eyes.

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Albino cat deafness

Many people often associate deafness with albino cats. But in reality, what they are noticing are white cats with deafness. A few studies have shown that white cats will have more problems with hearing than other cats, and since many people can’t distinguish white from albino, people will assume that albino cats are deaf.

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Health problems associated with albino cats

If you own an albino cat, you will have to take care of your cat more. Albino cats are prone to different health concerns, and if you want to be a good cat owner, you need to know what they are and how you can help your cat. Here are a few health concerns that albino cats can be prone to:

1. Light sensitivity

Since albino cats do not have melanin, they will be sensitive to sunlight. Their skin can be damaged quickly, and they can easier develop skin cancer. To protect your cat, you must limit access to the sun and always watch her.

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2. Eye damages

Once again, a lack of melanin can cause your cat to become blind if the UV rays get to the cat. You must be extra careful.

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3. Immune system issues

Albino cats have weaker immune systems and are prone to different health problems. If you are unsure how to properly care for your albino cat, you can seek help from your vet.

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4. Clumsiness

Melanin will also cause that cat to have a worse perception of depth, and with that said, you can catch your albino cat running into things from time to time.

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Albino cats can have beautiful physical appearances but require special and proper care based on their disease susceptibility. If you own an albino cat, you need to be extra careful and provide your cat with everything she needs. If you are unsure how to properly care for your cat, seek help from your vet. They will be more than happy to help you.

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