Ural Rex

The Ural Rex cat breed is one of the more recent additions to the cat world. It's a medium-sized, well-muscled breed. Like all Rex cats, they have a curly coat, which gives them an unusual and intriguing appearance. The Ural Rex is well worth your time if you enjoy rare cat breeds. Here's everything you need to know about this breed.

Ural Rex



Ural Rex


6 - 13 lb

Ural Rex



Ural Rex

Life Expectancy:

13 - 15 years

Breed History

"Vasilij," a curly black bi-colored cat born in 1988 in Zarechniy, not far from Sverdlovsk, now Yekaterinburg, was the foundation cat. To help solidify the curly-coated feature, Vasilij was bred to his mother, Mura. His mother was a short-haired black and white spotted cat who gave birth to one female, Murka, and one male, Mars. Murka mating with Vasilij resulted in even more inbreeding. In the inbreeding program, no anomalies have been discovered. Outcrossing to the European Shorthair enlarged the gene pool.

Pinky-Isabell, a tri-color cat, had the first litter of hybrid kittens in August 2008. Dorothea Uraloschka, a breeder from Germany, created a litter in 2009. Bahrain, the father, was a black silver tabby male.

The Ural Rex club is looking for stud owners and interested breeders in order to further develop the breed.

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The body of the Ural Rex is medium in size. Although the muscles are highly developed, the physique doesn't lack symmetry and grace. The skull is wedge-shaped, and the forehead has a wide flat contour. Their lower jaw is extremely powerful. Their ears have rounded tips and are arranged vertically in a high position. These cats have huge oval eyes. However, the most dominant characteristic is the Ural Rex's coat.


The Ural Rex has a medium-length coat that is fine, soft, silky, and dense. It coils the entire body and tail and covers it in flowing waves. The wave has a noticeable elasticity to it, which is a distinguishing trait of this breed.


Chocolate and cinnamon, as well as the diluted hues that go with them, are not allowed in any design combinations (solid, bi-color, tri-color, tabby). The Abyssinian ticking and the Burmese color restriction are also not allowed. Any other color is permitted.

Ural Rex


The Ural Rex is a medium-sized breed. Most adult cats are between 6 and 13 pounds. Females are typically slightly smaller than males.


The Ural Rex has an unusually pleasant temperament. They are quite lively and gentle, trusting if not naive, and friendly to other pets and family members. They are patient and never aggressive, whether at home or at a cat exhibition. They're quite scrawny and don't require much except for human attention. It is mostly silent and has strong hunting instincts.


There are no genetic problems in this breed, as far as we know. A cat of this breed can live for 14 years on average. Nonetheless, all cat breeds should be aware of a few common illnesses to watch out for. Ensure your cat is completely vaccinated, don't overexercise it while still young, and keep parasites away from your pet.

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