The Snowshoe breed got its name from its unique characteristic - four white paws. This breed has some unique features that make them very interesting. If you want a cat that will be more than happy to spend time with you, and you have plenty of time to spend with it, the Snowshoe might be the right choice. Plus, one of the best-known “memes,” the Grumpy Cat, is actually a Snowshoe. If you are a cat lover and want to know more about different cat breeds, here’s the most important information about the charming Snowshoe.






7-12 lb





Life Expectancy:

14-19 years

Breed History

There is historical evidence that places Snowshoe-type cats back to the Victorian era. Still, the breed as we know it today hasn’t been developed since the middle of the 20th century. The Victorian-era cats were most likely Siamese with 4 white paws. There are many naturally-occurring cat breeds, but the Snowshoe is not one of them. This breed was developed by Dorothy Hinds-Daugherty, a cat breeder that had an exciting idea. She wanted to create a cat that was basically a Siamese but had white paws. After Hinds-Daugherty gave up cat breeding, other breeders saw potential in her work and decided to refine the breed. Unfortunately, Snowshoes are still rare because many kittens are born with differently colored paws.

Cat Breed Characteristics

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Since the Snowshoe is a direct descendant of the Siamese, it shares many characteristics with them. These cats have a sweet disposition, and the Grumpy Cat is not a typical breed representation. The Snowshoe has beautiful markings that make them stand out. Here are the breed’s most important characteristics.


The first thing most of us will notice is the Snowshoe’s coat. The texture of the coat is soft and silky, making them ideal for cuddling. The coat length should be medium to long, and the breed should have no undercoat. The coat should never be plush or very long.


Coat color

Different cat registries accept different coat colors. However, black, seal, blue, red, cream, chocolate, cinnamon, and fawn point coloration are the most common ones. The point coloration means the individual hairs have different colors and the tips are darker.


The Snowshoe is considered a medium-sized cat. They are usually between 7 and 12 pounds. Some females can even reach a male’s size.


Judging by the Grumpy Cat, you might think this breed is constantly in a bad mood. However, that is very far from the actual truth. The Snowshoe can be gentle, smart, and very affectionate. They make fantastic companions. They also have the “strict” note to their characters. It is not uncommon that these cats act like strict parents that are constantly checking up on you. These cats will usually pick their favorite person and form the closest relationship with them. Whatever your cat’s personality, you can be sure they will be very entertaining to live with.


Like any other cat breed, the Snowshoe is prone to breed-specific health issues. Since this is a very “young” breed, there are still some unknowns regarding their health. However, Snowshoe owners and vets managed to learn a few things. Here are some of the potential issues your Snowshoe might encounter;

  • Kinked tail
  • Crossed eyes - Both kinked tail and crossed eyes are Siamese traits, but both issues should not affect the cat’s health.

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