If you love small, exotic cats, you will absolutely love the Singapura cat breed. These tiny cats have unique characteristics that make them stand out from the rest of the cat crowd. The Singapura is tiny, but they have a lot to offer. Their large eyes and ears look oversized, and their unique coat color gives the impression of black and white cat photography. Here are the most important things all Singapura fanciers should know.






4-8 lb





Life Expectancy:

11-15 years

Breed History

The Singapura is not a naturally occurring cat breed. These cats were created by cat lovers Hal and Tommy Meadow. They developed the breed in Singapore in the 70s, where they adopted 6 shelter cats and used them as the foundation for the new breed. It is most likely that small breeds like the Singapura lived in the region. Still, the first pureblooded cat is credited to Hal and Tommy Meadow. Most cat historians believe the modern-day Singapura directly results from crossing cats with the Abyssinian ticked tabby gene and the Burmese gene (which introduced the brown color). A genetic study from 2008 revealed there is practically no difference between the Singapura and the Burmese.

Cat Breed Characteristics

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The most dominant Singapura characteristics are its eyes, ears, size, and coat. The eyes and ears seem too large for the cat’s overall size, but they somehow fit perfectly on the Singapura. Here are the three main physical characteristics we will focus on.


One thing most cat owners and lovers focus on is the cat’s coat. In Singapura’s case, the coat is short and very smooth. The cat has a single coat, making it well-suited for warmer climates.

Singapura cats

Coat color

Another thing you will surely notice about the Singapura is its coat color. These cats have a sepia-toned coat with a silky texture. The coat color can be described as dark-brown ticking on a background color that resembles warm old ivory that gives the impression of warn-out ivory.


The third thing you simply cannot miss about the Singapura is its size. These are very small cats, but they are not fragile. They are muscular and stocky. Adult Singapuras usually weigh 4 - 8 pounds and reach a height of 8 inches.


Besides the Singapura’s physical characteristics, the thing you want to focus on is its temperament. The Singapura is very playful. In fact, these cats can even be described as mischievous. They love climbing, playing, or jumping on your shoulders. These cats are very social and curious. The Singapura makes an excellent cat for households with other small, friendly pets. They are also very active, so make sure your cat gets plenty of physical activities during the day.


No matter what kind of cat you have at home, chances are, there are specific health issues the cat is prone to. Selective breeding helped reduce hereditary diseases, but there are some things you and your vet should keep an eye on. The Singapura is generally a healthy breed with a life span of 11 - 15 years. Some of the potential health issues are;

  • Pyruvate kinase deficiency - A condition that causes the red blood cells to break down faster than they should.
  • Uterine inertia - Can cause delivery issues for pregnant cats.
  • Hypothyroidism - A disease that causes the thyroid gland to underproduce certain hormones.

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