If you love the Russian Blue cat breed, but you kind of want it to be a longhaired breed, you should check out the Nebelung breed. These cats are elegant, affectionate, and fantastic companions to singles and families alike. They are wonderful, and if you are looking for a new feline companion, you should give this breed a serious thought. Here’s what all cat lovers need to know about the Nebelung breed.






7 - 15 lb





Life Expectancy:

11 - 18 years

Breed History

The Nebelung is not the oldest cat breed in the world. In fact, its history starts in 1984 with a breeder called Cora Cobb and her two cats, Siegfried and Brunhilde. Their parents were a longhaired black cat and a domestic shorthaired called Elsa. Cobb immediately fell in love with a semi-longhaired kitten. She produced a second litter whose result was Brunhilde. After the two successful litters, Cobb contacted a geneticist called Solveig Pfleuger, who helped her establish a breeding program and write the breed’s standard. Since these cats look a lot like longhaired Russian Blue breed, so the breed’s founders allowed outcrossing with Russian Blues. Full international recognition was given to the breed in 1997.

Cat Breed Characteristics

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General Health

The first thing most of us will notice about the Nebelung breed is its coat. However, the breed has more excellent characteristics we can focus on. These cats have long necks, legs, and bodies, giving them a distinctly elegant appearance. Here are other characteristics we can focus on.


The most dominant characteristic of the Nebelung breed is its coat. These cats have a stunningly beautiful double coat has a fine and silky texture. That makes these cats fantastic cuddling partners.


Coat color

Another thing that defines this breed is its coat color. In cat show terms, the Nebelung has a blue coat (grey). They have silver-tipped fur, which gives the breed a shimmering appearance. That only adds to the breed’s mystery and elegance.


These cats are described as medium-sized. The Nebelung’s thick double coat makes the cat look much larger than it actually is. Most adult cats weigh 7 - 15 pounds, and females are usually smaller than males.


Nebelung cats are elegant and beautiful, but their temperament is more important than just their looks. It makes no sense to have a beautiful cat that misbehaves and won’t cuddle with you. Luckily, the Nebelung breed has a wonderful temperament. These cats are curious, intelligent, playful, and affectionate. They are mostly shy around strangers, but don’t think for a second they are not playful. They will enjoy playing, especially climbing and retrieving toys. Your cat will demand your attention, and if you fail to provide it to them, they can become anxious and very stressed.


All mixed breed cats and pureblooded cats can develop health issues. However, since the Nebelung breed is not that old, vets still have to draw conclusions regarding the exact health concerns these cats are vulnerable to. They are generally considered healthy and are known to have a long life. The average lifespan is 11 - 18 years. Since they’re crossed with Russian Blues, you can expect they’re prone to the same issues. Those issues are;

  • Progressive retinal atrophy - This issue is not necessarily connected with the breed. It is a hereditary eye condition that can cause blindness.
  • Polycystic kidney disease - This condition will cause the cat’s kidneys to develop cysts all over themselves.
  • Obesity - The Nebelung loves eating, so you should be careful how much you feed it.

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