Joe Smith, a breeder, developed the Minuet cat breed, also known as the Napoleon, in the 1990s. This new breed is simply a cross between a Persian and a Munchkin cat, so it has the Munchkin's short legs and the Persian's beauty. Here's everything you need to know about the adorable Minuet cat breed.



7 - 8 in



5 - 9 lb





Life Expectancy:

9 - 15 years

Breed History

The Minuet Cat is a relatively new breed created in 1996. But, while the founder, Joe Smith, was hoping to develop a short-legged breed by crossing Persians with Munchkin Cats, he quickly realized that genetics wasn't on his side. Because the short-legged gene is recessive in cats, the chances of all Minuet kittens in a litter having short legs are extremely low.

Smith was able to obtain a Munchkin cat in 1996, and it was discovered that this kitten had Persian ancestry. He was then able to obtain an Exotic cat. When the Exotic and Munchkin had a litter of kittens in 1997, they possessed the traits that Joe desired.

This breed was originally known as the Napoleon, but The International Cat Association (TICA) changed its name to Minuet in 2015.

Cat Breed Characteristics

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The Minuet cat is distinguished by its short stature, which is why it was named after Napoleon Bonaparte. Despite the fact that many of these cats have short legs, some kittens are born with long legs. The following are the breed's most important physical characteristics.


A Minuet cat's thick coat can be long or short, but it is always lush and soft. Shorthaired cats have dense and plush fur with an undercoat, whereas longhaired cats have a straight coat that is soft and has a thick undercoat.

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Coat color

Unlike other cat breeds with a distinct appearance that makes them easy to identify, Minuet cats come in every color and pattern, including those not traditional Persian colors. Don’t be surprised if you come across shaded, mink, pointed, sepia, chocolate, lilac, bi-color, or cinnamon Minuet kitties, for example. They can also have white skin and green eyes.


The Minuet is a short-legged medium-sized cat breed. These cats were purposefully bred with short legs. They typically weigh 5 to 9 pounds and stand 7 to 8 inches tall.


The Minuet is not only a cute breed in appearance, but it also has a charming personality. Because they enjoy being around people, these cats are very affectionate and social. Minuet cats, like Persians, are incredibly gentle, but they also have the curiosity and energy that Munchkins are known for.

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Because of their high energy levels, these cats enjoy playing and should be placed in a home that will encourage that playfulness by providing plenty of attention and toys. These kitties thrive in environments where they receive a lot of attention and affection - and they will give it right back to you! Minuet cats make excellent family pets because they are gentle and loving, and they get along well with children and other pets.


It's understandable for prospective Minuet owners to be concerned about their cats' health. After all, Persians have a few health concerns, and since they are Minuet's ancestors, one might assume they have similar health issues. Minuets, on the other hand, are much healthier than their parents. There are no known breed-specific diseases. All owners need to be cautious and keep their cats safe from falling injuries.

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