If you’re looking for a unique cat breed, you should probably consider getting a Lykoi. These cats have a unique appearance that is definitely not common in the feline kingdom. These kitties have unique characteristics that give them a special place among all other breeds. The name “Lykoi” comes from the Greek word for wolf. That isn’t really surprising and one look at this breed is enough to understand why they were named after wolves. Here’s what all cat lovers need to know about the Lykoi.






4 - 7 lb





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Breed History

The first thing we need to go through is the breed’s short history. The Lykoi is one of the youngest pureblooded cat breeds in existence. Their history starts in 2010 when Patti Thomas rescued two kittens carrying the Lykoi gene. In 2011, Johnny Gobble found two more cats in Virginia. After extensive health testing, Gobble proved that Lykoi’s unique looks are not caused by some sort of disease. These breeders created a breeding program and started outcrossing these cats to black domestic shorthairs. Cat lovers seemed immediately interested in the unique-looking cats and kittens, so the breed’s popularity grew pretty fast. Their popularity culminated with international recognition and acceptance in the Championship Class in 2017.

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There are so many things to look at on the Lykoi breed. The most striking characteristic is certainly the breed’s coat. However, these cats also have lean bodies, wedge-shaped heads, and long limbs. Here are other characteristics we have to mention.


The first thing we need to mention is Lykoi’s coat. These cats can have a full or partially hairless coat. It is often described as giving them a werewolf-like appearance. Kittens often shed a big part of their coats and regrow them later in life.


Coat color

Another thing that sets one breed apart from another is the color it comes in. In the case of Lykoi, the standard asks for a solid black roan coat. These cats can sometimes have a silvery shade of white.


Future owners should know the size of the Lykoi cat. They might be named after wolves, but their size is far off from the wild animal. These cats are small-to-medium sized. Most adult Lykois weigh 4 - 7 pounds.


You might imagine that a cat named after a werewolf has a wild character. However, that is entirely falses. These cats are as affectionate as they come. Another thing Lykoi owners will immediately notice is how intelligent these cats are. It is wise to have plenty of interactive toys to force the cat to use its brain and problem-solving skills. They are also moderately active, so you should ensure the cat has plenty of activities that will help them spend their energy productively. The Lykoi is a fantastic family companion that combines a great personality with unusual looks.


Most people that encounter this breed for the first time think they’re seeing a sick cat. The breed’s coat might give that impression, but these cats are generally considered healthy. Their average lifespan still has to be determined. Since the breed was discovered in 2010, there are still many things we need to find out about them. One of those things is the potential problems these cats are prone to.

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