If you ever encounter a LaPerm, you will surely stop and ask yourself what kind of a cat is that. These cats have many unique features. Their attractive coat gives them an exotic look many cat owners are fascinated with. The LaPerm has a curly coat that is a result of a genetic mutation. However, there is much more to this cat than just its coat. Here are the most important things all LaPerm lovers should know about these cats.






5-8 lb





Life Expectancy:

10-15 years

Breed History

The LaPerm is not the oldest cat breed out there. In fact, their history goes back less than 50 years. However, that means their origin and history are very well documented. That is not something that can be said for naturally occurring breeds. The first LaPerm was born in 1982 in Dalles, Oregon. A cat named Speedy produced a litter with one very special kitten. The kitten was bald and had paddy markings across its body. The kitten’s ears were set wide apart, and it didn’t look like much when the breeder first laid eyes on it.

However, when the kitten started developing a curly coat, the breeder Linda Koehl started getting really interested. The kitten was bred to local Siamese and Manx, and all of Curly’s kittens ended up with their mother’s curly coats. LaPerm lovers and fanciers worked on getting the breed registered, and they achieved that in 2002.

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We already mentioned that the most dominant characteristic of the LaPerm breed is its curly coat. However, these cats have other unique features that set them apart from all other breeds. Here are the most important LaPerm characteristics.


The first thing we need to mention is the LaPerm’s coat. These cats have a curly or wavy coat, which is what earned them the “perm” part of the name. They are great for allergy sufferers because the loose hair stays in the cat’s coat until it’s brushed out.

LaPerm cats

Coat color

Another thing that makes a breed unique is the unique coat colors it comes in. The LaPerm comes in all coat colors and patterns. The most common ones are tortoiseshell, tabby, and red.


The LaPerm is considered a small cat breed. They usually reach a size of 5 - 8 pounds.


Perhaps the most crucial part of any cat breed is its temperament. Humans tried creating the perfect companion breed for centuries, and careful breeding resulted in different breeds with unique characters. LaPerm is a breed that enjoys human company, but it is not needy. These cats are often described as clownish with a great sense of humor. They are entertaining to have around the home. However, that also means you will have to arm yourself with patience. The LaPerm is usually affectionate, playful, and gentle with its human family.


No matter which breed of cat you have at home, chances are they are prone to specific health issues. Since this is a relatively young breed, vets haven’t had the opportunity of studying them for breed-specific problems. These cats are generally considered healthy, with a lifespan of 10 - 15 years.

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