The Korat cat breed is closely related to the Siamese. It comes from Thailand, where it represents luck and prosperity. We can’t say for sure the breed will bring you luck or prosperity, but we can say it will undoubtedly bring you a lot of joy to share a home with such a wonderful breed. The Korat has a beautiful coat and stunning eyes. If you love cats, here’s what you should know about the Korat.



15–18 in



6-10 lb





Life Expectancy:

10-15 years

Breed History

The Korat is one of the purest cat breeds. This is a natural breed, so the exact time of their origin will probably forever remain a mystery. However, we know they originated in the northeast of Thailand. There, they are also called the Si-Sawat cat, and ancient depictions place them as early as the 14th century. The exact time these cats arrived in the western countries is a bit murky. One cat that resembles the Korat was shown in England in 1896, but it is unclear whether it was a Korat or a Siamese that resembled this breed. Another thing that genetic studies revealed is that this breed is very pure. It was never crossbred with other breeds, and they developed with no human interaction.

Cat Breed Characteristics

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General Health

Naturally occurring breeds like the Korat always have interesting characteristics. Since they developed without selective breeding, their characteristics are entirely natural. This breed has absolutely stunning characteristics, so it is no wonder they are considered good luck charms. Here are the basic characteristics we will focus on.


The first thing you will surely notice is the Korat’s coat. These cats have a short, single coat that doesn’t really insulate them very well. That makes them more suited for warmer climates, like the ones in Thailand.

korat cat

Coat Color

The second thing most of us will immediately notice is the Korat’s coat color. These cats have silver-tipped blue coats. They are often described as rain cloud grey. Their coat appears to shimmer, and the shimmer gives the sea-foam color appearance.


The Korat might be a good luck charm, and good luck charms are usually small. The Korat is considered a medium-sized cat. These cats typically weigh 6 - 10 pounds.


The Korat’s looks are important to future owners, but what’s more important is the cat’s temperament. It makes no sense to get a cat that will make a lousy companion. Luckily, the Korat makes a wonderful companion. These are very loyal cats. They usually choose one or two people they will call “theirs.” It is usually those that spend the most time with them. The Korat is very social. They love following their people around, and they thrive in households where someone is always present. These cats shouldn’t be left alone for long periods. They are also fairly active, intelligent, and playful.


Unfortunately, even naturally occurring breeds can be prone to specific health issues. The Korat is generally considered a healthy breed. Still, there are a few possible issues potential Korat owners and their vets should keep an eye on. The best thing you can do is spot potential problems early and start treatment as soon as possible. The Korat has an average life span of 10 - 15 years. Here are some of the potential health issues these cats are prone to;

  • Anesthesia sensitivity - These cats can be sensitive to anesthesia due to low body fat.
  • Genetic neuromuscular degenerative disease - This disease will destroy the motor neurons.
  • GM1 and GM2 gangliosidosis - This can happen when a cat doesn’t produce the necessary enzymes for the proper functioning of the nervous system.

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