Japanese Bobtail

The Japanese Bobtail is a breed known for its short, adorable, bunny-like tail. Although the idea of a cat and a rabbit making cute offspring is interesting, it is still biologically impossible. The Japanese Bobtail makes a great family pet, and even though it is native to Japan, you can now find it across the globe. Here’s what all cat lovers and future Japanese Bobtail owners need to know about these cats.

Japanese Bobtail



Japanese Bobtail


6-10 lb

Japanese Bobtail



Japanese Bobtail

Life Expectancy:

9-15 years

Breed History

The exact history of the Japanese Bobtail is unknown. Tailless cats were known in Japan for at least 1.000 years. Most cat owners and historians believe that the first Bobtails were given to the Japanese Emperor as a gift. That gift most likely arrived from the Chinese Emperor because gifting small companion animals like cats and dogs was customary in ancient China. The lack of tail most likely occurred as a natural mutation, and selective breeding ensured that feature stayed with the breed. The shorthaired breed variety was recognized in 1968, and the longhaired in 1993.

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There are so many characteristics that you can admire about the Japanese Bobtail. However, the most dominant one is surely its lack of tail. However, these cats also have heads that form an equilateral triangle, large, upright ears, and beautiful oval eyes. Here are the most dominant Japanese Bobtail characteristics.


One of the first things you will surely notice about the Japanese Bobtail is its beautiful coat. These cats can have medium-long or long coats. Both varieties should be incredibly soft and silky.

Japanese Bobtail

Coat color

Like many other cat breeds, the Japanese Bobtail can come in different colors and color combinations. However, the most common and respected are white calico cats.


The Japanese Bobtail is not the biggest cat breed out there. It is considered medium-sized. Most adult cats weigh 6 - 10 pounds. However, individual cats can be smaller or larger.


The lack of the tail, the cat’s coat, and color are important, but most cat owners should focus on the cat’s temperament. The Japanese Bobtail is intelligent and playful. Unlike other cats, this breed loves water. They will gladly play in and around the water, so you have to make sure your cat can’t reach your aquarium or a Koi pond if you have one. These cats are vocal, but they’re not loud. They are considered talkative, so don’t be surprised if you hear your Japanese Bobtail express its feelings. These cats are very adaptable, making them an excellent choice for cat owners that love traveling.


In some bobtail cat breeds, the gene that causes the mutation (lack of tail) can also cause health issues. However, the Japanese Bobtail is not one of those breeds. This is a rare case where there aren’t any breed-specific health issues future owners should be aware of. However, you should still keep a regular schedule with your vet. It is crucial you notice early signs and symptoms of potential health complications.

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