Don Sphynx

The Don Sphynx is also called the Donskoy or Russian Hairless. The international cat community adopted the name Don Sphynx simply because it is easier to pronounce. You either love a hairless cat breed, or you don’t; there’s no middle ground with these cats. The Don Sphynx has soft skin, and their loyalty equals those of dogs. This is definitely an interesting breed. If you are considering getting one, here are a few things you should know about this breed.

Don Sphynx



Don Sphynx


6-15 lb

Don Sphynx



Don Sphynx

Life Expectancy:

12-15 years

Breed History

You can’t talk about a breed like the Don Sphynx and not start with their interesting history. This is a relatively “young” breed, which means its history is pretty much known. Their history began in 1987 when a cat owner named Elena Kovaleva rescued a blue tortoiseshell kitten. That kitten was named Varvara, and when she reached 4 months, she started to lose its fur. Naturally, Kovaleva was very intrigued and decided to breed the cat further to see what type of kittens she would produce.

After breeding with a local tomcat, her first litter was used as the founding stock of the Don Sphynx breed. Later, cat breeders introduced European Shorthair in the Don Sphynx breed. This breed was recognized in 1997.

Cat Breed Characteristics

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General Health

The first thing you will undoubtedly notice about the Don Sphynx is the lack of a coat. However, that is not the only characteristic that makes these cats unique and special. The Don Sphynx has webbed toes, large ears, and a muscular body. These cats have a unique appearance that makes them pretty wanted in the feline kingdom. Here are the characteristics we will focus on.


The first thing we need to go through is the Don Sphynx’s coat, or more precisely, the lack of it. This is a hairless breed, but these cats can grow some fur, especially during the winters. Most of that hair is limited to the cat’s tail and chest.

Don Sphynx

Coat color

You might get the impression that the Don Sphynx can’t have any colors mentioned in the standard, but you would be wrong. These cats come in rubber bald, flocked, velour, and brush. Rubber bald cats are bald, flocked cats have yellowish hair that disappears, velour cats have hair that’s gone by the time they’re one, and brush cats have coats all over their bodies except for some bald patches.


It is essential to know what size your future cat will be. The Don Sphynx is considered a medium-sized cat. Adult specimens usually weigh 6 - 15 pounds.


The physical traits might be important, but its temperament is perhaps something even more crucial. It makes no sense to have a cool-looking cat that makes a terrible companion. Luckily, the Don Sphynx is nothing like that. These cats are loyal, almost as loyal as any dog. These cats are curious, active, and love being handled. They will demand the spot precisely in the center of attention and will love nothing more than to keep you company. Ensure the cat has plenty of room to explore and spend its energy.


Even pureblooded cats can be prone to specific health issues. In the case of Don Sphynx, there are a few breed-specific health issues they can be prone to. Here are those potential health conditions;

  • Sunburn - Many owners forget that hairless cat breeds can quickly get sunburnt.
  • Dental problems - The Don Sphynx is prone to dental issues, so make sure you implement proper oral hygiene from the moment the cat arrives at your home.
  • Skin problems - There are different skin issues, like dermatitis, these cats are prone to. Make sure you keep an eye on its skin.

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